“I’m Living My Dream in Coastal Ecuador”

Fourteen years ago, while on a Caribbean sailing trip, I decided that some day I would find my own place by the ocean. As time went on, that dream became ever-more important. I was sick and tired of corporate greed and useless politics in the U.S. It was time to make my dream a reality and check out moving overseas.

I spent most of my adult life in San Diego, CA, but four years ago I moved to Arizona. I worked in law enforcement, but since I retired on disability 10 years ago, I’ve struggled to find a meaningful occupation, and I just felt stressed out.

This is where International Living comes in. About seven years ago, I got something in the mail from IL and I was hooked. I have really enjoyed researching and learning about what countries might be of interest to me.

I picked Ecuador mainly because of the cost of living. I can buy dinner down the street for $2.50, a hamburger at my favorite corner restaurant for $1.25 and fresh flowers are about $3 a bunch. I’m still settling in—I arrived in Bahia de Caraquez seven months ago—but I love the locals, they are so warm and friendly.

Now I’m living my dream overlooking the ocean from my seventh-floor condo.

I have a great masseuse here for $10 an hour (a must for me) and I have my own  personal Spanish teacher whom I take lessons from three days a week at $4 per hour.

Most importantly, in the short time I’ve been here, I’ve made more friends than all the friends I have back in Arizona and California put together, and the best part is I have something to do.

I’m enjoying myself tremendously. This is a great time to reflect on my life. And what could be better than doing this on my own balcony overlooking the beautiful sea?

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