Low Cost of Overseas Retirement Revealed

Americans considering retirement in sunnier climes can now determine exactly how much their new life would cost in seven of the most popular Central and South American destinations—before they set foot on a plane. InternationalLiving.com has just released a series of budgets, which breaks down costs on a monthly basis in the world’s top overseas retirement hotspots.

InternationalLiving.com editors compiled detailed budgets based on the expenses of expats living in Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Belize, Panama, Ecuador and Roatan in Honduras.

They include prices for rent, utilities, entertainment, health care and groceries, as well as tips and pointers on how to make your money stretch further.

“Many folks dream about living the good life and when you move overseas you can do it on the cheap. But things rarely develop beyond that dream stage,” said International Living magazine managing editor Eoin Bassett. “Resources like this can help equip readers with the practical insights they need to turn those dreams to reality.”

InternationalLiving.com contributors on the ground in each of the seven retirement havens put the figures together. One budget for an expat living in Ecuador came in at around $600 per month.

As well as giving raw numbers based on what life as an expat costs in each of the seven destinations, the article also gives a breakdown of some of the main advantages of living in each country.

It gives on-the-ground information about Panama City’s first-world amenities, the ease of settling into English-speaking Belize and the advantages of becoming part of Costa Rica’s strong expat community.

“This article is a useful tool for anyone considering retirement overseas,” added Bassett. “But it’s really just one of many resources we provide on everything from budgeting for a life abroad, to buying a beachside bargain property, to getting the best deal on dental treatment or setting up a small business overseas.”

He continued, “Anyone considering how to best maximize their retirement savings should have certain overseas options on the table. In the right places, living costs are a small fraction of what you’d pay in the States…and the quality of life you get is much, much better. At InternationalLiving.com, we point readers to their best options abroad, many of which are within two hours of the States. We provide the solid, sourced-on-the-ground details—like these budgets—that can help a person go from ‘dreaming about it’ to making a well-informed move that allows them to really ‘trade up’ overseas.”

Read the article, titled “Seven Easy, Affordable Retirement Spots,” here.

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