Magical Ireland, Sunny Fiji…Your Camera Makes it Possible

Again and again I’m reminded of how my new life couldn’t be more different than my old, 50-, 60-hour work week in retail.

Since I discovered the income potential of photography, my days are so different.

One day, I could be photographing fine art or a specific theme for stock photography websites that sell my photos for me. Another day I might be taking pictures for a tourism blog I contribute to…or heading off on an international assignment.

Like my recent trip to Ireland…

As a travel photographer, I stayed for free in a vacation rental, a charming little authentic cottage tucked away in the lush green countryside. I photographed the cottage and interesting things one might see and do, both in the immediate area of County Limerick and as far away as Dublin, for the same publication.

I visited the ancient Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary and saw lichen-covered Celtic crosses and tombstones peeking through the dense fog that rolled slowly over the green, green grass.

When I came back, the pages of the travel magazine were jam-packed with images I’d taken of castles, graveyards, and so many beautiful vistas while I was there.

This Fall I will travel to Fiji, for a free stay in the $2,500-a-week villa, just steps away from the ocean…with an assignment to photograph the trip.

I will spend a day in the rainforests and swim in the azure waters of the South Pacific. Native women will teach me how to cook in the villa. I’ll get massages right there on the beach…and spend a day with a family in the village.

Later, I will sell some of my images to stock sites, where they’ll be uploaded for sale. I will put them up for sale on sites like Etsy and Fine Art America. I will sell others as fine art. People are willing to spend a few hundred dollars per print and many of my images are now hanging in homes.

I can set up an art show in my hometown, where people come to enjoy the night and end up bringing home a photographer’s work.

Photography allows me freedom and such a bright future, one I’d thought would only be a dream in the past. Now, it is my present. I’m so grateful.

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