Make $20,000 a Year Extra…In Your While-Away Moments

If you like the idea of effortless income, this is probably the simplest idea we’ve come across yet.

In the time it takes you to have a cup of coffee, you can notch up $5 to $10 doing something that comes easily to you. (Or even more once you know a few tricks.)

It’s called the microgig.

Fun-loving folks are singing messages…drawing cartoons…dressing up for short video clips…scribbling slogans…and doing all manner of easy things in very little time.

One lady manipulates a video to make it look like her hamster is sending you a message.

So far, that hamster has proposed marriage to 50 women, promoted more than 500 websites, and sent greetings to 500 birthday boys and girls.

His owner has made more than $15,000 in two years. A lot of fun, but serious money.

Another guy offers 25 different microgigs, from dressing up as a cowboy and singing a greeting to dressing up as a preacher to promote your business. He’s had 792 orders for the preacher—and 4,700 sales in total over three years.

The fact is, there’s a market out there of other fun people who want wacky messages and are prepared to pay.

And you can cash in on that with very little effort.

Amy Ridenour does microgigs in writing, social media, music, painting, scrapbooking, and gardening. In just over a year she raked in $3,000. So she packed her bags and went on the trip of a lifetime to Tanzania.
It had been her dream to see this beautiful African country…to be close to the wildlife.

Thanks to her microgigs, she was able to make it happen. Now isn’t that a cool way to fund your overseas travels.

Expats are making microgig money by sharing information. One will answer 20 questions about living in Costa Rica…for $5. Now they have probably already answered those questions for friends and family, so it’s no chore to rattle off the information again. $5…again and again and again.

Stefan in Romania will recommend the five best tea houses there…Anna in Germany will mail you candy and chocolate.

What can you do quickly for between $5 and $10?

You could earn $10,000 to $20,000 a year for very little effort. You can even do it while you travel to help fund your overseas adventure.

There’s a world out there willing to pay money for small projects. Make sure some of that cash is landing in your coffers.

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