Make 2014 the Year You Take Control of Your Retirement Income

How would your 2014 be different if you had a portable income? For a start, you would have a lot more choice and options for living overseas.

You could decide to live by the beach or in a quiet mountain town in your favorite country abroad—part-time or full-time. Or, you could fund your travels around the world.

It may sound too good to be true…or like something that will take a lot of training and time to achieve…but trust me when I say, creating a portable income is something that any Baby Boomer can do.

You don’t have to be a tech wizard to do it…and you won’t need to spend a lot of time cold calling companies to sell your skills.

If you’re one of the many Baby Boomers who have been slammed with shrinking retirement funds, still difficult economic times and feelings of being trapped in a job you don’t enjoy, you’ll be pleased to hear that creating a portable income is easier than it’s ever been. No more do you have to be chained to a desk or to a production line to make a livable income.

The Online Workplace Is More Open to You Than Ever

So what’s changed? Well, some very different economic factors have come together in 2014 that will make it easier for Baby Boomers to develop a portable income and earn that income from anywhere in the world.

The first of these factors is that the old world of work is dead and freelancing has emerged in its place. With more financial strains on them than they have experienced in decades, companies are being forced to limit their number of employees. That means that more and more companies are outsourcing to freelancers.

Intuit, the company that makes Quicken® and QuickBooks®, recently released a study which shows how the workplace will change by 2020.

The most remarkable finding: By 2020 approximately 40% of the workforce will be comprised of “freelancers.” For the most part, being a freelancer means you work on your own schedule, from your own office—giving you the freedom to live wherever you want.

There’s also plenty of work available for the average retiree. It used to be that most businesses had a brochure that got rewritten every year or two. Occasionally the company might also release a product announcement or press release.

These days, the amount of written content required by businesses has exploded. Now, almost every business has a website…and those websites are worthless unless the organizations that own them create a steady supply of useful information for their readers.

So now instead of the once-in-a-while company brochure that businesses used to release, there are at least weekly (and for many companies daily) demands for writing, proofreading and editing.

But it’s not just writing and editing work that is increasingly in demand from businesses.

Now even the tiniest of companies are turning to freelancers for customer service, customer support and a host of other “over the phone” freelance assignments you can do from anywhere with a good Internet connect.

It doesn’t matter what you used to work at. Online buyers are looking for your skills—not for fancy job titles.

Boomers get really confused on this point because it is outside their experience of what the workplace looks like. But it’s true; companies that buy freelance services don’t particularly care about your previous roles; what they’re looking for are the skills you’ve likely picked up in your years of working.

Take, for example, the medical doctor who confronted me at a conference and said (in a somewhat agitated tone), “There’s not much a guy like me is able to do working online!”

I pointed out that a number of his peers are now freelancing and proofreading documents for medical device manufactures, evaluating training programs for new pharmaceutical companies, reviewing blog postings on sports-injury related sites, writing articles about how to regain mobility after surgery, and even giving phone consultations for people with health issues.

The businesses that hire you want to tap your knowledge, wisdom, skills and experience—all things I can help you to identify.

But that’s not all I’ll do for you.

This January, I’ll be leading a group of International Living readers on an eight-week online training called the “New Year Income Challenge.” (Be advised: out of more than half-a-million IL readers, only 150 people will be admitted into this group, so don’t delay in joining.)

In eight highly interactive sessions, I will tell you exactly how to go from where you are now to a portable income in your favorite international destination… There’s absolutely no risk to you. I guarantee you that I will set you on the path to earning a portable income by the end of this challenge. If I don’t, I will promptly and cheerfully refund your purchase price—no catches.

Editor’s Note: This could be the first step to getting to your favorite beach sooner than you might have otherwise thought. Find out more, here.

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