Online Courses: Make as Much as $5,000 While You Sleep

Today I woke up in Washington’s beautiful San Juan Islands later than usual, rubbed the sleep from my eyes, and checked my phone.

New money in my account.

Last night, while I slept, someone from Poland bought the podcasting course my husband, Luis, and I created. And another person, from California, purchased my course on how to create passive income. Two strangers somehow found me online, watched a few videos I recorded five years ago, and decided they wanted access to my online trainings. Without my ever having any contact with them, they chose to plunk down their credit cards and buy my online courses.

Since 2012, it was my dream to create passive income—money where I didn’t have to be present to earn it and money that could be earned even while I traveled. After working at a bagel shop and later running my own healing studio, I discovered that being tethered to one location wasn’t for me. Not only that, while I love people, I was certain there had to be a way to make a living without needing to meet clients face to face…leaving me free to travel.

That’s what led me to the idea of creating online courses. With my old jobs, I only got paid for the time I put in. Once I was off the clock, I stopped earning money. With online courses, it was possible to create something that could continue to earn me an income, well after I had finished the work involved. It was a way for me to stop trading time for dollars…and free myself from a tethered, stationary life.

The only hurdle I had to overcome was my own confidence. I was worried that my limited computer skills would make it impossible. When I first started out, I barely knew the difference between Facebook and Twitter. However, I soon discovered that the main skills required for building an online course were the ones I already had—writing papers, typing emails, and creating videos.

My first online courses were created through recording some live trainings I did over the phone. Building a program wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and even with dodgy internet and an old busted up laptop, I was able to make something I could sell to people all over the world.

I can still remember my first sale online. Someone I’d never met bought my course on eating for mood stability. It wasn’t an expensive program, but it was enough to show me that I could make money with an online course, and if I did it right, it could generate a continuous passive income that would allow me to earn while I traveled.

From there a fire was lit and I went on to create more courses. My husband and I now offer courses on creating publicity, making money with podcasting, earning from social media without paying for ads, and many more.

Sometimes our courses make us as much as $5,000 while we sleep. And as someone who enjoys the perks of never having to clock in, and never needing to dress up for work…I love what I’m doing.

Some of my peers have courses they created years ago that they rarely touch, yet they still earn a robust living from them. In my case, I’ve used my courses to travel, take extended vacations, and fund my dream of living on a remote island in the San Juans.

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