Make Easy Money Just for Jotting Down Your Thoughts

Would you be interested in investing $199 to make $115,000?

That’s what Jeff and Mandy Rose made last year.

To most people they may seem like an ordinary couple…Jeff works in finance. Mandy stays at home with their three adorable sons. They go to church, bake gluten-free pizzas, and throw children’s birthday parties.

But, here’s the thing that sets them apart from most other couples…

The Roses like to blog.

They share their experiences online every day on topics that range from personal finance to toilet training. And, they do it all in a highly entertaining way that turns these simple anecdotes from their daily lives into a six-figure income.

They made $115,000 in one year.

If you’ve ever thought about making some extra cash on the side—or switching to a career that matches your interests and might actually allow you to have some fun on the job—then blogging may be your best route.

Topics can be anything from vampires to cult movies, baseball to home decorating, traveling by yourself or traveling with kids in tow—whatever matters to you.

And the cool thing is, anybody can blog. Most people don’t know how—or even realize it’s possible—but it’s true.

Blogging today is more than just a hobby. It’s a viable way to earn thousands of dollars.

If you have a passion for travel….or fishing…or food…you get to write about topics you love. And you can blog from anywhere on earth that has an internet connection—a café in Paris…a mountain village in Ecuador…or a beach in Panama.

You can set your own hours…rising late, taking a long lunch break, maybe putting in an hour or two in the evening. You don’t have to report to a boss…or ask for time off. You’re the one in charge.

You can make money through banner ads—those little graphic ads you see on the sides of websites. Or you can do affiliate marketing, when you mention someone else’s product—perhaps a camera, a piece of kitchen equipment, or a bicycle—and it sells through a link from your site. You can even get paid to write reviews or become a consultant on your chosen topic.

The industry rule-of-thumb says it will take about two years before you start making serious money as a blogger.

The first six months will earn you next to nothing, so you should know that going in. But if you set your blog up right, you should see things picking up after your first six months.

Some bloggers see dramatic results after just one year.

Successful bloggers who make it past the six-month mark earn $5,000 to $10,000 or more every month—enough to support themselves and their families full-time.

Of course, you can’t just sit and stare at your bank account waiting for the money to show up. You have to write and you have to follow a monetizing path. But you can do it.

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