Making Million-Dollar Profits From e-Books

This week I’ve tried to give you some insights into how a simple-to-execute e-book strategy can fund your life overseas.

Since I started producing e-books more than 14 years ago, they’ve created an income that has allowed me to live some of the very biggest dreams of my life.

That income has taken me to Laurenzana, a small village in the ankle of the boot of Italy, where my mother’s family comes from.

And you know, I’ll be honest—when you have money, travel can be even more fun than usual. It’s amazing what a concierge will do for you! I’ve secured invites to VIP New Year’s Eve celebrations in Prague, Barcelona, Paris, and many other beautiful places… One of those was on a yacht on the River Thames in London…sitting under Big Ben when it stroked midnight bringing in the New Year.

And there are countless other people who have used this strategy to realize their dreams as well.

Mike Geary hated his corporate job and was desperately looking for an alternative source of income so he could indulge his desire to ski and travel. His passion for personal fitness led him to the creation of a fitness information e-book called The Truth About Six-Pack Abs.

Over the last seven years, his e-book has sold more than 500,000 copies at $40 each. More importantly, he uses this proven secret strategy to generate a seven-figure income—every month.

This has helped him realize his dream. He travels at least 10 to 15 days every month, doing such fun things as heli-skiing in Chile…zip lining in Costa Rica…dry-suit scuba diving in the Silfra Ravine in Iceland…and tropical scuba diving throughout the Caribbean.

What Mike and I and others have learned is that the e-book has one of the very lowest barriers to achieving a passive income today.

You don’t need any technical skills. Converting manuscripts to e-book format is easily done by outsourcers for as little as $5—and they are inexpensive to produce, even when you outsource everything, including the research and writing.

But the biggest reason why the barriers are low for e-books is because the potential audiences for your work are already in place. They are easily accessible using Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers. It’s not a question of “if you build it, they will come.” They’re already there, waiting for the information that you can provide them in return for solid royalty checks every month.

At this point you probably have one big question that you’re looking for the answer to: “I know this has worked for others, but will it work for me?”

You’ll find the answer to that, and your other questions, in this short video I’ve prepared for you. And it could deliver dreams that today seem beyond your imagination and provide you with a solid royalty check every month.

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