Money-Making Photos…And How to Take Them

Taking a trip is wonderful in-and-of-itself, but it becomes even more satisfying when you can turn that trip into a lucrative adventure. I make money from my trips by taking photos and selling them online.

What is really special about my job is that I can take pictures from anywhere in the world I like and still make money. I can shoot anything that strikes my interest, whether it’s a luxurious spa, an interesting statue, an unusual plate of food I’ve just been served or a striking person I come across on the street.

You might wonder who would buy pictures like these, but you would be surprised how in-demand images of regular people, places and things actually are. When a college needs a photo of a group of kids reading books in a park for a brochure…when a travel agency needs a picture of a Parisian street for a poster promoting flights to France…when a travel magazine needs an image of a local delicacy—that’s where “stock photographers” like me come in.

We take photos of the things around us and then upload them to stock websites. Then, potential buyers browse through and pick out what they need. When they pick one of mine, I make a sale. Simple.

Shooting lots of photos while out-and-about helps build my portfolio. I like to look for a wide range of photos, subjects and themes from around the world and because I can upload photos anywhere with an Internet connection, my career is completely portable.

My job is mobile in every sense of the word. I could up and move, take my job with me and relocate anywhere in the world that feels like home. I take great solace in this fact.

Being a photographer has affected my life on a number of levels, the most important being that I’m able to make a living doing what I love to do. I love stock for the fact that I can shoot what I want when I want without having deadlines or someone dictating what they need. In this sense I find it liberating to be the photographer I want to be.

Currently I travel, camera in hand, every four to eight weeks. When I mention exotic destinations I’ve been to like Paris, Ecuador, China, Istanbul, Thailand or Panama, people really think my job as a photographer is glamorous…and this photographer would be hard pressed to argue with them.

Traveling the world, camera slung over my shoulder…for me there’s nothing better.

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