More Details on the Top Secret “Beach City” Deal

Yesterday I told you about the incredible strength of the Brazilian economy…and about a narrow stretch of undervalued downtown beach right in the sweet spot of this economy.

You see, there’s always opportunity somewhere in the world—even if it feels sluggish where you are right now.

I love visiting this pocket of opportunity (the place I called “Beach City” yesterday). It’s buzzing with trade, commerce and progress. It’s beautiful; hundreds of miles of white-sand beach that’s wide and deep.

In places the beach is backed by wild untamed dunes. In others, palm trees rustle in the breeze. Little fishing villages and kite surfing outposts dot the coast. A typical year has 300 days of sunshine. A typical day is in the low 80s with refreshing breezes from the ocean.

This is a great place to vacation. More than 3 million people did so last year. They come mostly from the far away industrial and commercial center of the south of Brazil. This “Beach City” is a place they discovered for beach vacations in the 1980s. Today it’s also emerging as a major commercial and export hub while still maintaining it’s premier beach destination status.

Downtown’s centerpiece is a three-mile stretch of beachfront. This is where you’ll find the bigger hotels and luxury multi-million dollar condos. The curve of beach and sparkling skyline is packed tight. There’s no space left to build. There is limited supply of inventory.

To the west there is a one-mile stretch of beach in an historic area.

This area was run-down. But the past few years have seen major gentrification. Popular public areas and chic cafes during the day. It’s teeming with roller bladers and walkers of all ages late into the night. There are vendors selling fresh fruit, popcorn and cotton candy. This boardwalk is full of joggers, skaters…young and old strolling at sunrise and sunset. Old stone jetties have been reinforced, tastefully clad and designed, and turned into an amenity for strolling or sitting on a bench with a book.

About $6 billion of government funds is being invested in tourism and infrastructure in this city. Its strategic location close to Europe and the U.S. makes it a logistics hub. With the help of a tax-free zone nearby, it’s the perfect place for export focused manufacturers to locate.

There’s oil offshore. New small businesses are opening by the day. Major corporations are setting up regional operations here. That means more executives are relocating.

More tourists, new business—that’s the increased demand.

Within the next two weeks a new pre-construction condo will be released to great fanfare. Connected locals will be invited. Everyone else will see photos in the newspaper.

Members of my Real Estate Trend Alert can get in now…at pre-release pricing…before the connected locals. Until launch, this is a RETA “off market” deal.

That’s why I can’t disclose exactly where this launch will take place…or too many more  details…in any publicly distributed materials.

Developers do this all the time. They offer us insider pricing and payment terms on inventory that only we get access to. The regular Joes (in this case: the connected locals) pay full sticker price and don’t even know how deals like this work.

This is an opportunity that should be on your radar…even paying retail. But we don’t like paying retail. (In this video, I explain how these off- market deals work…and how you can take part in this one .)

You could buy here for less than 50% what you could pay on the old stretch of beach..minutes away. This is the limited-time anomaly that I’m talking about. That’s what makes this opportunity so strong.

If you get in now—before the upcoming local launch—a down payment of $19,300 locks down a three-bedroom condo. Finance is available. In this video I explain more . But as soon as the local launch happen, this deal is off the table.



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