More Than 300 North Americans Come to Ecuador to Explore What This Country Has to Offer

We’ve just completed our 2012 Fast-Track Ecuador Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference.

And if I ever needed proof positive that the idea of living better for less overseas has truly caught on, I got it here in Quito this week.

As the emcee for many of International Living’s seminars and conferences, I’m used to full attendance at our events, and this one was no exception. Getting more than 300 North Americans to come to Ecuador to explore all that this amazing little country has to offer doesn’t really surprise me anymore…nor do the record crowds we’ve been hosting all over the world at all our recent events.

No, what stunned me about our most recent crowd in Ecuador was the diversity. We expect people at or near retirement age to be especially interested in proven ways to make pensions and fixed incomes go as far as possible.

But here in Quito this week, I met and talked to nearly as many folks who were years away from retirement as I did those who were already there. Couples with children, people looking for new careers, self-employed people trying to get out from under crushing health insurance overheads back home.

And singles…both women and men…more than I’ve ever seen at an International Living conference. When I asked for a show of hands, it seemed that nearly half the audience was there by themselves, looking for adventure, new directions, haven from the economic and political storms back home.

And if the enthusiasm and energy of this diverse group was any indication, we provided what they were looking for in spades.

Aside from being one of the most diverse groups we’ve ever hosted, they were also some of the most appreciative. I can’t count how many times people stopped me during networking breaks and between presentations, anxious to tell me how many questions had been answered, how many new ideas had been planted, how many fears and uncertainties had been laid to rest.

I put that down to the remarkable group of speakers and presenters we were able to assemble for this event—one of the best mixes it’s ever been my pleasure to introduce…

From local legal experts on banking and visas…to professionals in the shipping and import/export business…to expats already living their dreams in almost every corner of Ecuador. They’re living well from the sandy half-moon bays of the Pacific coast to the breezy highland valleys of the Andes Mountains and almost everywhere in between. And to the last, they shared their stories and their advice with us.

If there was something you couldn’t find out about living and working in Ecuador from one of our speakers and presenters, it probably wasn’t worth knowing.

That’s why, from now on when someone back home in the U.S. tells me that the whole idea of living a happier, healthier life in Ecuador or anywhere overseas sounds like craziness, I’m going to reply, “Do you really think so? I just stood in front of hundreds of people who think it’s the only sane thing to do.”

Then I’m going to think of this crowd of diverse and enthusiastic potential expats, people from all walks of life who are discovering for themselves the reality of living a better life abroad. I know they’re just the tip of the iceberg. You may not have been in Ecuador with us, but I’m willing to bet you share a good bit in common with the folks who were.

And I suspect, too, that with all that’s going on in the world right now, in just a few years the people who haven’t explored their own overseas options yet, just might be considered the crazy ones.

Editor’s note: If you’re ready to explore your overseas options in Ecuador—but couldn’t join Dan and the many expert speakers we just assembled in Quito—you can still listen in. We recorded every word, and right now, you can access our Fast-Track Ecuador Package at a deep discount. If you’re intrigued by the idea of living better for less in our #1 retirement haven, there’s no more efficient, up-to-date, cost-effective way to discover all the insider secrets that can save you time, money, and frustration, too. Details here.


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