Move Overseas: How to Fast Track Your Plans

Where in the world shall we go today? If you’ve been dreaming of Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, or the Dominican Republic (wow!), come on—let’s go.

I’d like to take you on a whirlwind tour of these countries. With only the best, most knowledgeable (and most entertaining) guides, of course.

I’m Suzan Haskins, reporting to you from International Living’s Ultimate Event, going on now in Cancun.

Cancun may be one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Despite how you feel about sprawling resorts and hordes of tourists, the beaches here are undeniably gorgeous. White talcum-powder-soft beaches, neon blue waters and cerulean skies to match. And of course, that cozy-warm sun.

Funny, though, the action is not on the beach in Cancun. At least not at the CasaMagna Marriott right now. All the action is inside in the convention center where hundreds of your fellow International Living readers have gathered to learn about their options for living a better life…the good life…in a tropical paradise….in a majestic mountain hideaway…a colonial village….or a sophisticated city…where their dollar goes further, the pace of living is slow and luxuriant….a place where dreams really do come true.

I’m getting carried away, I know. But I’m a dreamer. And I dream big. And today I’m living my dream life in the Andes mountains of Ecuador. There, I enjoy four-course meals for $2.50, buy more fresh fruits and vegetables at the local market than I can carry…two-dozen absolutely fresh long-stem roses for $2.50, and I take the bus across the valley and to the nearby Otavalo indigenous market for just 25 cents.

Life is good. And today I got to tell everyone here at the conference about it…and share my tips, tricks and insider secrets about how and where to find the best places in Ecuador for luxurious (but low-cost) retirement living.

And it wasn’t just Ecuador that was on today’s agenda. We also went on an in-depth tour of several countries, including Belize…

The theme of that presentation was “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem.” That’s exactly what you’ll find in this little country, International Living editor Dan Prescher told us.

The English-speaking Affordable Caribbean Paradise

Belize is a tiny little county….about 350,000 people. Everybody knows everybody. And they speak English there.

“It’s a 100% Caribbean shoreline,” Dan said, but that comes without the upscale price tag of elsewhere in the Caribbean. “There are hundreds of small islands and just offshore, the world’s second-largest barrier reef makes it a fishing, diving, snorkeling, sailing paradise. And you can still buy a decent home for $60,000.”

Dan shared the true nuts and bolts of living in Belize—where, why, and how much. He also hosted a 30-minute workshop this afternoon where he drilled down even further into the benefits (and yes, the challenges, too) of living in Belize.

Belizean attorney Julie-Ann Ellis Bradley chaired her own workshop…if you want to know about all the legal ins and outs of doing business in Belize, Julie-Ann is your go-to gal.

Belize it. This was the next-best thing to traveling to Belize yourself. If you’re thinking about checking out Belize, you’ll want this information in your pocket. Don’t leave home without it, as they say. Where to go, what to know, who to know, how much to pay…

Importantly, Belize has one of the world’s best retirement programs and is an offshore wealth protection and banking haven. Not just the ABCs of living in Belize, but the advantages of IBCs (International Business Companies) and the QRP (Qualified Retirement Program) were discussed in depth today.

And Belize wasn’t the only Caribbean destination on the agenda. As I said, the Dominican Republic—wowsa wow. There is one particular place in the “DR” that deserves your attention right now, said real estate expert Margaret Summerfield—that is, if you’re looking for bargain prices and a top-notch quality living experience.

Chances are you’ve not heard of this place—it’s not where most tourists go when they visit this little laid back isle. But you should…and you will in the future…and I think you’ll definitely put it on your bucket list after you hear what Margaret has to say.

Your chance to learn what we’re learning…

As I mentioned yesterday, we want to help you get up to speed with the rest of us here in Cancun at IL’s Ultimate Event.

We want to help you fast track your plans of moving to or investing in your own corner of paradise…Belize, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador…Europe…Asia…wherever that might be…

So we’re putting together a complete package of nearly everything that’s happening at this event.

We’re making audio recordings of all 70 of the presentations.

We’re also making copies of their handouts, PowerPoint and visual presentations. And you get the complete dossier we give to each attendee when they showed up here in Cancun.

We’re calling it the Ultimate Event Fast-Track Your New Life in Paradise Kit—and it covers every aspect of the 2012 Ultimate Event.

Reserve it NOW for the Lowest Discount Available…

We know it isn’t always possible to attend our events… your personal and business obligations come first. But we think the information from this conference is so important that we want to make it available to you even if you couldn’t join us in Cancun.

Listen in as Costa Rican native Roger Peterson gives us his insider scoop on that gorgeously diverse country. (Yes, there was also a standing-room-only Costa Rica workshop where expat expert Steve Linder filled us in on “his” Costa Rica, especially the newest hotspot…the coveted southern coast.) Another standing-room-only workshop was Roberto Moreno’s as he shared the legal know-how you need to live and invest in Ecuador.

Other cut-to-the chase workshops were hosted by:

* Former Congressman Bob Bauman (“The Four Top Offshore Legal Entities You Need”)

* Mark Nestmann (“Offshore Real Estate in Your IRA”)

* Benjamin Beja (A New Residential Living Concept in Mexico)

* Turalu Murdock (Demystifying the Purchase Process in Latin America)

* Nick Hodges again with a workshop on U.S. expat tax considerations

* Doug Hendler on tax issues for Canadians.

* And International Living editor Glynna Prentice on the legal process for renting or buying real estate in Mexico—yes, you can own along this gorgeous Caribbean coast and Glynna explained exactly how to go about it.

There was TEN hours of genuine must-know information on the schedule today and not a minute was wasted.

Your fellow International Living readers who are here in person paid up to $1,295 each to get this information first hand. And occupying a seat in person here is more than worth that amount, of course. But like I said, we know that not everyone can be here.

Reserve your 2012 Ultimate Fast-Track Your New Life in Paradise Kit now and you’ll save a whopping $200 off the regular price. Instead of paying the regular price of $399, it will only cost you $199.

We’ll offer this low price until we have the recordings ready to deliver to you. At that point… we’ll charge the full price of $399.

There will not be a more affordable time to order your Kit. This special conference discount is only available until we’re ready to deliver the recordings to you.

Reserve yours today and save $200… you’ll gain access to the presentation recordings, Power Point Slides, hand outs and speaker dossier just as soon as all this is assembled at the close of the 2012 Ultimate Event.

After that, we’ll charge the regular price.

We’ll send the information about how to obtain your conference package as soon as we’re finished making copies of the recordings, the hand outs, the PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Of course, some day we hope you’ll join us in person at one of our events. So we’re throwing in a $100 voucher toward any upcoming International Living event. You can use it to attend any of the future events and seminars you may be interested in and on top of any other discounts you may be eligible for.

(Still to come in 2012, we’ll be hosting events in Panama, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Las Vegas and Costa Rica …at least one of these is sure to be a perfect fit for your personal needs.)

Best of All, if These Insider Tips Don’t Work, You Pay Nothing

The 100+ experts at this event, in nearly 80 individual presentations and workshops, cover every possible aspect of living and investing around the world. After you’ve heard their briefings, there will be nothing to stop you from acting on the information they share.

Because of that, we’ll return every penny you paid for this information if it doesn’t help you reclaim your retirement, safeguard your hard-earned assets, and make your overseas dreams come true.

In other words: You can call us at any time in the next 30 days—and tell us the information didn’t help you. (Or don’t tell us anything. Just ask for your money back.)

We’ll give you back your $199.

So if you’re serious about reducing your expenses, protecting your retirement plans, and living a more relaxed, genteel life, I urge you to take advantage of this offer and reserve your 2012 Ultimate Fast-Track Your New Life in Paradise Kit now.

Don’t hold back. Go for it NOW.

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