Moving to Sunny Belize with a Portable Income Already Set Up

Imagine making money online, doing what you love to do, in your spare time. That’s exactly what I am doing now. I take photographs of everyday things while on vacation. I upload them to a stock agency and advertisers, graphic artists, and other people buy them.

Some of my photos are selling repeatedly on a stock agency that I work with…like the ones I took of a few tropical drinks we were about to start sipping while watching the sun set upon the Caribbean Sea in Belize.

Of course I have taken the typical “sunset” photos as well—the sunsets in Belize are absolutely amazing, and no two are ever alike. My favorite is a sailboat silhouette with the beautiful golden yellow hue of the sky. These photos are also producing winning results.

So are my “spur-of-the-moment” pictures…when I took off my flip flops to walk in the sand on the beach, I snapped a photo of them while the water was washing ashore. Another photo of two empty beach chairs facing the Barrier Reef of Belize are also selling quite well. Click, edit, and upload…and now they are for sale and generating revenue.

We vacation in Belize every winter and now we’re building a house there for semi-retirement. I get some amazing shots there every day, and I can edit and upload from my deck while lying in a hammock. How sweet is that? This really is a portable way to make money.

Once a photo is online with a stock agency, it can sell many times. The repeat sales are great. Work once and get paid, over and over again.

It really is as simple as that. I was skeptical too at the beginning of all of this, but repeat sales have proven to me that selling photos online and working with a stock agency can generate real money.

It is an amazing and rewarding feeling when that email comes in and it says, “You have new sales!”

For me it was as easy as making the decision to give a stock agency a try to see what all the hoopla was about. It’s free to sign up with a stock agency, so you really have nothing to lose.

I did not have a super professional digital camera with all the bells and whistles, which just goes to show you can start this with whatever you have now. I started with a few photos that I took when I was out for a Sunday drive to the countryside near the city I live in.

I took a few pictures of birds, some landscapes, and old houses. Once I edited them to the specifications required and uploaded to the site, I waited to see them go live on the Internet for sale. Some photos were rejected because of quality issues but I learned from my mistakes.

Now my passion for photography continues to grow. I can do this at home, in my spare time, or while I am on vacation anywhere in the world. As long as I have my camera, and an Internet connection, I am set!

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