Music, Sunlight, and Laidback Life in Costa Rica

Her hands move in a rhythmic, soothing motion across my back, releasing any tension or stress, and loosening tight muscles. I lay face down on the massage table in a deep state of relaxation. “Ahh, this is the life.”

After our massages, my husband, Fred, and I stroll through Nosara, a coastal town on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, and stop off to eat some fresh fruit from a local stand and a hearty meal of local fare—chicken, rice, and beans—at a small street-side restaurant.

Our feet take us in the direction of the beach. Shoes come off, toes dig into warm, soft sand. They continue moving until bathed in the bath-water warm waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Vitamin D is a “feel good” drug, and soaking up the sun’s rays is having just that effect. A few months ago we were getting our vitamin D from a tanning salon, the business we owned in the drastically different climate of Homer, Alaska, our home for the past six years.

But with the business sold, we’re embarking on a new phase of life, which includes travel, pursuit of hobbies, and more freedom.

At “home” where we’re staying on the Nicoya Peninsula, we can spend lazy evenings watching the colors change on the horizon, eating papaya from the tree in the yard, and listening to the birds around us.

Dinner is a delicious, tender cut of beef bought at the local butcher shop. Costa Rica is known for raising cattle, which they graze on verdant, lush hills all over the country. My husband gets out his guitar and practices some new songs he’s learning. I read from my book…the tenth I’ve read during the three months we’ve been here.

Morning starts bright and early in Costa Rica, but with the sun’s rays comes plenty of energy. It seems to infuse life, and you find yourself waking earlier than you may have “back home.” The sun rises out in the distance, over the ocean. I watch from the kitchen window as I prepare the morning meal—fresh fruit salad consisting of mango, papaya, and pineapple.

Watercolor painting is something my mother did when she was younger. I admired her talent, but believed myself to be “uncreative”. Since I’ve been in Costa Rica I’ve had the time to study painting on the Internet, and put into practice what I’m learning.

Many of my days are spent creating works of art, which are hardly “professional,” but are beautiful to me and my adoring grandchildren, who praise every piece as though it’s the “Mona Lisa”.

We often video chat via Skype, and I display my latest painting, and Grandpa Fred plays his newest song. Then they’ll tell us stories about everything that’s happening in their life. Modern technology makes it so easy to stay connected.

When we’re ready to take a break from our hobbies, we get out the map and look at where we’ll explore next. Then we hop in the car and drive down the road, dust trailing behind, adventure stretching out ahead.

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