“My Favorite Caribbean Deal Right Now…”

I’ve never seen a stretch of the Caribbean more beautiful than the Riviera Maya. Standing on the warm, clean, coral-sanded beach, turquoise water laps at your feet. Behind you, palm trees sway and rustle in gentle breezes.

Dive into that water and you can explore the world’s second-longest coral reef. Or step back from the beach and take in untamed jungle, ancient forest cities, and mythical cenotes—underground, swimmable caverns revered as sacred places by the Maya people.

Despite the stunning natural beauty of this area, you won’t find high-rise condos or big shopping malls. Nor will you find spring-break crowds. Instead, chic boutique hotels are dotted along the coastline—and that’s the way things will stay.

Given its location and proximity to a 2,000 square-mile nature preserve, the land here is protected, so possibilities for development are limited and tightly controlled.

That means you won’t have sprawling developments. The supply of homes and condos is restricted. As investors, we need to pay particular attention to places with supply constraints like this (especially when combined with growing demand). One of the places that’s set for a boom in demand is the town of Tulum.

It’s on the Riviera Maya, an area of Mexico that currently greets about 4 million visitors annually. But a major government program calls for this number to increase to 10 million by 2025. Mexico is serious about making this happen. A massive infrastructure investment has been set up to facilitate this increase in tourist numbers.

Plans call for a new rail line that’ll link Cancun airport, Tulum and Merida and a site has been identified for a new international airport.

It’s already pretty easy to get to Tulum. Fly into Cancun airport’s shiny new terminal and you’ll reach it by car in less than 90 minutes.

The government plan has made it more accessible over the past 18 months. As this program continues Tulum will become even easier to get to.

Prices have yet to take off for property in Tulum…but as it becomes easier to reach, and more and more people hear what it has to offer, that will change. Buy a quality home here, and I expect prices to soar.

I’ve come across one great early-in opportunity recently where a major local launch will soon take place.

But readers of my Real Estate Trend Alert have the chance to buy before that official launch—and with a $10,000 discount.

This is a strong pre-release opportunity. I expect these condos and townhomes will be snapped up when they come to market…and prices will rise quickly from the current pre-release price.

Launch pricing will start at $155,000 for a one-bedroom, 765-square-foot (including terrace) condo. And members of Real Estate Trend Alert (RETA) can spread payments over the construction period.

With the $10,000 discount RETA members get, they’ll pay just $145,000 for a condo.

That’s a bargain you won’t find anywhere else. And, I expect, with the influx of more tourists, prices will soon rise further as those tourists vie for vacation rentals and second homes.

I’ll give you the full details when you become a member of Real Estate Trend Alert.

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