“My Life Is My Own in Mexico”

You have excelled in your career; climbed the proverbial ladder. Life is now consumed by work—up before the sun, off to the office to face employees who constantly complain, dwindling budgets to manage, political nonsense, and doing your best to fulfill your responsibilities.

This isn’t five days a week; it’s closer to seven with 12- to 14-hour days. The stress has mounted, your health has suffered, and forget a personal life. You think constantly of retirement, but it is five years in the future. Sound familiar?

Fifteen months ago, that was my life…and it was certainly not my own. I was a slave to work and my health had declined significantly. I had to do something quickly. So, I decided it was time to retire early.

Yes, I was scared to death about how I would make ends meet. But, we had always planned to retire to Cozumel, Mexico. It just happened earlier than expected. We sold everything, put the money in the bank, and off we went to live our dream.

Life today is something most people only dream of. I’ve found a serenity in this island paradise. I wake up daily to the beautiful turquoise ocean; some days I’m fortunate enough to see a pod of dolphins swim by. On others, I am content to have a cup of coffee on my balcony and watch the seagulls, swallows, cranes and other birds. Stress is something I no longer experience.

Just take a look at my new neighborhood in the photo above.

There is a host of things to do when we feel like getting out. We can go to one of the beaches; sit with a book, enjoy the surf, have a great burger (yes, we have cheeseburgers in paradise!) or watch kite-boarders. We can walk downtown and shop, or just watch people.

There’s a national park nearby where you can cool off in the ocean or swim with the dolphins. The Mayan ruins are an interesting place to spend time, and the reefs are among the best in the world for diving or snorkeling. And, oh my, the restaurants. Anything you can imagine from a meal of tacos al pastor and sides for $3 to magnificent European cuisine for $30. For me, it’s the lobster.

The culture here is something I truly enjoy. The Cozumeleños are very welcoming. Never have I encountered such friendly people. If you want genuine family values, you will find them here. And the people here definitely know how to party. Carnaval is a week-long party and Christmas…indescribable. There are many social events—the Cuban ballet, art exhibits, boxing matches, Ironman, musical performances, the circus…you name it. Anything you could possibly want is right here.

The beauty of it all is that I enjoy every day now. I don’t “work” anymore. I am able to enjoy this life thanks to my new career as a copywriter. I can work on projects as much or as little as I want by managing those that I accept. I generally work in the morning and have the afternoons to myself. I can do all of this and easily afford to live in Cozumel. The cost of living is a lot less than in the states. We bought a car nine months ago and have only had to put gas in the tank five times.

I highly recommend looking into a career as a copywriter so that you, too, have the freedom to create the life you always imagined.

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