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My wife and fellow writer Suzan Haskins and I moved abroad 12 years ago…and took our work right along with us.

We were writers back home, and our job now is to write about the places expats go and the things they do when they move overseas. And since we’re expats ourselves, we’ve always had a special interest in the ways other expats earn a living abroad as well.

Sure, a lot of our friends and fellow expats moved abroad to retire. Work is something they happily left behind, and we rejoice with them…and occasionally envy them…for that.

But just as many people we know living overseas are still working at something, just as we are. In fact, some of our expat friends who started out as retirees actually started working again.

And some folks found that moving abroad gave them a chance to do things for money that they never had the opportunity to do back home. Things like starting an art gallery, running a bed and breakfast, opening a tavern, organizing a wellness clinic, writing a book, teaching yoga… things that they always dreamed of doing and suddenly, when they moved abroad, finally had the chance to try.

And of course, lots of our expat friends aren’t retired at all. They moved abroad for other reasons. And they either had a transportable career like us—writing, copywriting, photography—which they took with them, or they identified a need where they relocated and started a business to meet it. In fact, that’s exactly how many of the communities we’ve lived in over the past 12 years have come to offer excellent craft beer, authentic Italian food, and experienced rental management, among many other things.

There are hundreds of ways to work overseas, and naturally, if you have a transportable career to begin with, you can bring your own niche right along with you.

But whether you supply your own niche or find one to fill wherever you move, working abroad at something you actually enjoy is the best way I can think of to work in the first place.

It’s turned out pretty well for Suzan and me so far.

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