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In the world’s best-value destinations, you can live better than you do now…for less than it costs you to stay home. On a budget from around $1,900 a month (even less in some spots), a couple can enjoy a truly comfortable lifestyle—eating out, maybe even employing a housekeeper and gardener, traveling.

Since 1979, here at International Living we’ve been pointing our members to the destinations most worth their attention in Latin America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Because when you know where to go, you’ll find that you can enjoy a whole host of benefits, including low cost but very high quality healthcare, good-value real estate, a remarkably low cost of living, and a pace of life that’s slow and civil.

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It’s one thing to read about the places and solutions we recommend—to hear directly from expats in their own words what life is like in the places where they live. But you can come away with a whole new appreciation for life abroad when you see it for yourself.

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