New Online Travel Tips Will Save You Money

If you’re not taking advantage of the newest trends when you book travel online, you’re probably leaving cash on the table. Cash you could use to enjoy a few more days on the road, upgrade your hotel room or treat yourself to a nice dinner on the town.

By now, you’ve probably heard of the discount travel “old timers” like Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak and Priceline. But over the past few years, new companies have popped up promising new ways to save you time, headaches and cash, whether you’re booking airline tickets, hotels, car rentals or tours.

Even though finding a cheap airline fare is relatively simple using the established flight aggregators like Orbitz and Kayak, finding which specific flight is best for you can still be a challenge.

Sometimes the cheapest flight has a menacing layover in Dallas/Fort Worth. And often when you’re searching for a flight, hundreds of results appear on page after page, which makes finding the ideal flight a pain.

To make travelers’ lives easier, a new website has come on the scene, promising to disrupt the old hands of the flight aggregation game and make flight search more efficient.

Rather than just list out prices, one after another, this new site helps you visualize exactly what you’re buying by creating colorful horizontal bars that show how long each flight is, how long the layover will be, and of course the price. Another unique feature to the site is the ability to sort by “agony,” a combination of price, duration and number of stops—a great solution for flyers interested in the most seamless flight experience for the money.

Editor’s Note: Every month in International Living magazine, we run a “free travel” article that highlights some little-known way you can save money…sometimes a lot of money…on your next trip. You can read the full “online travel tips” article in the March issue. Included in the full article are refund tips (if a plane ticket price drops after you book), how to get on elite lists that offer super cheap travel deals, and an easy way to always save money on flights, hotels, and car rentals. Learn more about IL magazine here.

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