One Incredible Opportunity on Costa Rica’s Forgotten Coast

Today, I want to tell you about a part of Costa Rica that is still a secret to most of the outside world.

This place is called the forgotten coast because it is the least discovered and most unexplored region in Costa Rica. For years, tourists have flocked to the country’s Pacific coast and business has gravitated to the capital city, San Jose. Most people overlooked Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast.

For the handful who traveled there, they found first-class beaches, verdant jungle canopies and undervalued real estate. It’s easy to reach too… You can get here in less than two hours from San Jose on a new, modern highway.

Driving from the capital city, San Jose, you hit the Caribbean at the town of Limon. (The route brings you through the beautiful Braulio Carrillo national park and rain forest…virgin and protected.)

A few minutes south of the town’s colonial center and away from the port, you find empty beach that stretches south as far as the eye can see. Forty-five minutes south of here you will find the best beaches along this stretch of coast.

Here, though, we are just minutes from the amenities of Limon. Yet, it feels untouched. Walking south, the beach goes on as far as the eye can see.

There has been little development of the real estate and tourism markets here. It’s hard to understand why. But, there’s an explanation.

Limon is the name of the province and also the capital city. This was a company town. United Fruit managed the port, built the railroads and bridges, and looked after the colonial buildings. It was the major employer.

When the company pulled out of town in the 1960s, Limon became Costa Rica’s forgotten province. When the Costa Rica tourism machine began bringing in droves of foreign visitors in the 1980s, it was the northern Pacific coast that most benefited.

But this place has serious potential.

Back from the beaches and coast you find lush green tropical forests, tumbling rivers, and abundant tropical wildlife.

Tortuguero National Park and Barra del Colorado National Wildlife Refuge—the two parks on the coast’s northern reaches—are excellent destinations for adventurers and eco-travelers.

The sea turtles that nest here are of particular interest. To the south, Cahuita National Park is another popular national park, set up to preserve 494 acres of coral reef.

Thirty minutes from the white-sand Caribbean beaches (and less than two hours from the first-class hospitals, modern shopping malls and dining options in San Jose), you’ll find the gold standard of residential communities in this area of Costa Rica. Situated on 640 acres of sloping hills with virgin rain forests and spectacular wildlife on its doorstep, this development boasts stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, tumbling waterfalls and rivers.

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