One Simple Way to Kick-Start Your Overseas Dream

I used to dream of the benefits of traveling or living abroad. So I looked hard until I discovered a way to make it happen. A way that I know can work for anyone.

It’s certainly worked for me. Just last week I was on the Riviera Maya savoring the iridescent, blue waters, and endless sandy beaches of Mexico‘s Caribbean. I often travel to immaculate colonial towns like San Miguel de Allende where festivals, holidays and celebrations seem a daily occurrence and the summers are cool and fresh.

The sooner you start earning a portable income, the sooner you can realize whatever your own dream is and benefit from the lower cost of living, lower stress, and wonder of immersing yourself in a new culture.

Sadly for most of us there is a fly in the ointment…

Over the years I’ve seen enthusiastic people get started, take strong, bold steps, and then get sidetracked by work, family life, and any one of the thousands of things that can intervene on that road?

We don’t feel we can carve out time from what we are doing now (really, everyone’s life is complicated these days, right?) to make progress on our new income!

Momentum is everything. For the busy person, the worst thing you can do when you’re learning something new is to get started and quit, get bogged down in details and struggle with a really simple question, but one that has stopped you in your tracks.

What if I told you there was a way to ensure you had the momentum you need? Something that would accelerate your progress and get you moving towards freedom more quickly than ever before.

I have developed just such a way. One focused on what it takes to get you moving in the shortest amount of time and keep you moving over the speed bumps that inevitably appear when you move in a new direction.

Take a look at what I have come up with and see if you agree that your portable income is just around the corner.


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