Online Income — Once Complicated, Now Easy (More Than 200 Options…)

Once you discover (like I did eight years ago) that you can travel and live abroad for extended periods of time—and still earn an income—your options change completely.

And it is a lot easier today than it was eight years ago…

Why? Because of the enormous pressure on all businesses (but especially small businesses) to get their work done more efficiently…even though they have cut their staffs significantly since 2008.

Lots of work used to be done by company employees who just aren’t there anymore.

These companies have turned to freelancers…people like you who do simple assignments like proofreading, editing, writing, and remote customer service, all the way through complex consulting and engineering assignments.

So where do you find these assignments?

You could start making phone calls to businesses and see if they have any work, or send emails telling your friends and relatives you are “available”…but that’s probably not going to work very well.

Or you could tap into job and project networks…

What??…You haven’t heard of these yet?

Over 200 websites have evolved over the last decade where freelancers can easily find assignments every day…thousands of them. Getting your next paid assignment is as simple as logging on to them.

But you won’t fully appreciate the power of your “portable income” until you travel or move to some desirable coastal location in say Latin or South America and see your living expenses drop in half or more.

This is because your dollar goes a lot farther in some other countries. It’s called “working the latitudes”…earning in a high-income economy…spending in a low one. This is just one of the benefits of the portable-income, live-abroad lifestyle.

How do you get started?

You could Google the words “freelance jobs” and you’ll see hundreds of websites. You can join a few for free, put up your resume and try to get an assignment.

But my guess is that most people who do this are not very successful getting off to a fast start (or even getting off the ground) because they don’t know which are the best networks, they don’t understand how you resume kills your chances for an online job, and they have no idea which of their skills are most valuable or how to set their prices.

And you could Google all those unknowns and come up with thousands of conflicting opinions…and probably be more confused and frustrated than when you started.

There is a better way…sign up for our New Year Income Challenge and I’ll lead you “by the hand” through the process.

The program is step-by-step. It’s structured in such a way that you can run through it in a short period of time, or put it down for a spell and then pick it up right where you left off.

Every week you’ll get access to a special group call. You’ll have an opportunity to submit questions live or by email and I’ll stay on the phone until we get them answered. We’ll dig into what works online for someone with your skills.

You’ll have our proven videos, audios, and lessons which will help you come up to speed quickly on how to build your portable income. I will help you land great paid assignments.

Think of this as your online resume. I will personally review your profile and make solid suggestions to help you succeed.

No matter what crops up, what questions you have, I’ll be there to help you quickly.


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