Open Your Mind to Opportunity

There is so much more to you than simply the label of your job.

You may have talents you haven’t yet tapped into—and there may be people out there waiting to pay for your services. The world is wide and there are so many opportunities for your abilities overseas.

Americans Anne Mulvihill and Nancy LaTart have turned their ability to organize an event into a successful business in Paris, where people are paying them to plan weddings and other gatherings.

If you enjoy throwing a party, with lots of little details, what’s stopping you from turning that talent into a lucrative business?

Sometimes opportunity hits you in the face.

Rogelio Martinez brings us the story of Wayne Natheson who—when his father became ill—realized that the dearth of facilities for senior care is a huge business opportunity.

Wayne, a former business executive, set up a senior-care franchising operation and is now looking for franchisees in Latin America…where demographics indicate a huge demand for this service in the coming years.

But don’t wait for life to knock you on the head with a new opportunity…seek one out yourself.

Canadians Alfonz and Eva Hamori decided they had had enough of the rat race and opted to move to the south of France to set up a tourism business and live a more family-friendly lifestyle with their children, Daniel and Angelina.

We have such interesting people for you to meet in Incomes Abroad every month…and their stories will inspire you to grab hold of that opportunity.

Enjoy reading about them and consider the many possibilities open to you for creating a new life overseas.

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