Our First Bailout Deal…

The lockdown has cast a surreal vibe over everything…

Since the gringos headed north, Cabo has been silent, bar the sound of birds singing and distant waves crashing.

The only interruption to the peace came last Sunday when a cruise ship honked as it drifted through my sea view on its way north.

For the past week, the MS Oosterdam was anchored just off Cabo’s Medano Beach. I was told it had no passengers, only crew. Stuck in some kind of limbo with nowhere to go. And no idea if its owner would still be in business tomorrow.

The seemingly stranded MS Oosterdam is another victim of this unfolding crisis.

Minutes after it passed, a friend texted me a selfie from his Dallas-Los Cabos flight. The craft was near empty. It was just him and another couple, with more staff abroad than passengers.

Surreal times indeed…

Like most of you, I’m apprehensive about how long this crisis will last. But I feel blessed to have Cabo to myself. It’s absolutely stunning. This morning I took a long walk along the beach as the sun came up. Mine were the only footsteps I saw.

There’s a positive side to every crisis: I’m enjoying the rare occurrence of having a Cabo San Lucas beach entirely to myself.

Like pretty much everywhere on earth, the hotels that are open here are almost empty. But demand will bounce back as soon as planes fly again.

Between now and then, the best thing we can do is use this time to get out ahead…

Yesterday, I discussed opportunities in countries where the economic fallout will hit hardest. I told you to get ready for a new surge of free houses from Spain and Italy. The “free house” trend started in southern Italy but soon I see it moving northward…with a greater number of historic towns on offer.

Meanwhile, in other locales, I expect this crisis to be sharp but much more short-lived. In the medium term, this crisis will be good for internationalized destinations at, or near, the ground floor of major transformation.

Panama, for example, is a proxy for international trade and commerce. Once things settle down it will be back to the races. Real estate prices will continue to converge with other major international hub cities. Beach real estate close to the city will be highly sought-after. But a couple of things will change in the short term…

We will get access to special situations deals, like the $65,700 bailout I spoke about in the March issue of Real Estate Trend Alert, making it a good moment to buy the right opportunity.

And our group buying power will give us more leverage than ever as local buyers dry up at the height of the panic.

Real Estate Trend Alert‘s upcoming opportunity in Panama brings both of these short-term advantages together. It’s an opportunity to buy true beachfront property, on the nicest, closest beach to Panama City, in an amenity-rich community, with an incredible RETA-exclusive discount.

Within five years of delivery, I expect gains of $135,700 and I figure on a gross rental return of 15.7% once the community is well established.

When this deal was pitched to me last November, the original entry price was a great offer. But when the bailout was included it became unmissable…

This RETA-exclusive deal has only been made possible thanks to a little-known change in Panama’s tax code. The developer is getting massive tax credit, and I have used RETA‘s group buying power to negotiate for that saving to be passed on to us in the form of a discount of up to $65,700.

Thanks to a bailout tax break, RETA members can buy beachside in Playa Caracol for $65,700 less.

The keyword in this deal is “beachside.” Everything is right on the sand. The bedroom has a large picture window overlooking the beach. From the living room it’s the same stunning ocean-view story…from the superb community swimming pool…from the top-notch restaurant…everything is looking out at the ocean across the stunning sands of Playa Caracol…just an hour from everything Panama City offers.

Real Estate Trend Alert members are already sitting on gains of $100,000 or more from a previous phase. In January 2017, I brought members a RETA-only opportunity to buy two-bed, ocean–view condos at The Palms from $199,000. In August 2019, a similar-sized condo in Caracol, farther back from the beach with only a side-view, listed for $299,000.

But this latest phase is next level… Because it will have a luxury hotel component, each owner gets an amazing set of amenities. We’re talking a luxury spa, state-of-the-art gym, superb pool and beach club…restaurants…and all right on the beach. Amenities so close to the beach they’re in the sand…and your day’s soundtrack is waves breaking on the shore.

And, thanks to the $65,700 discount, members can get in here for a price as low as $214,300.

I predict rapid appreciation. Figure on values of $350,000 in five years—a gain of $135,700. And that’s cap gains alone.

One year after the hotel opens, I’d figure on renting 100 nights at $225 per night.

Five years in and I’d up that to 150 nights at $225. That’s an annual income of $33,750—a gross yield of 15.7%.

If that’s not a future to look forward to…what is?

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