Own a Condo, With Rental Potential, in Glitzy Cabo, Mexico

Sometime in the next two months, a small group will gather to celebrate the retail launch of a new building in Cabo, Mexico. They’ll launch floors three and four of that building to the local and expat market. Pricing will be in the $220,000 range.

Members of my Real Estate Trend Alert group will have the opportunity to snap up an ocean-view condo on the first or second floor of that same building…for only $149,000.

A Path of Progress is rolling through luxurious Cabo—just as it has before. Once upon a time, Cabo was an empty but beautiful stretch of coastal land that was overlooked. Then, over two decades from the mid-80s to mid-2000s, Cabo was transformed from an empty beach wilderness to jet-set chic. Over the next decade it’s set to be transformed again. To open up to a much bigger and wider upper-middle class market.

Folks who, until this point, couldn’t afford Cabo, or who were only in the market for a timeshare, will buy and rent retirement and second homes here.

In the next five years, I expect that the condo you can buy today for $149,000 could be worth in the region of $250,000.

This buying moment exists right now thanks to where Cabo is at. It’s just bouncing back from the economic crisis and the major hurricane of 14 months ago.

While it’s still finding its feet, there’s opportunity to get ahead of that upper-middle class trend. And I’ve identified a stand-out deal.

The opportunity now is to buy in the kind of community that will appeal to that upper-middle class local…and to second homeowners from the U.S. and Canada—and even farther afield.

The developer is a master in planning and delivering best-in-class, livable, desirable communities. This community is already set up for comfortable, year-round living.
Owners can book a deep-tissue massage in the spa, get home delivery from the deli, or lounge by the pool. There’s an on-site concierge and full property management.

I’ve told members of my Real Estate Trend Alert to be ready to act on this opportunity. There are only 12 condos available to buy. I expect all 12 to be snapped up quickly.

Six of the available condos are on the first floor. They are garden condos with ocean views…and plenty of outside space for relaxing and entertaining. That outside space is a valuable commodity—in demand with expat renters and international buyers.

The members-only pricing of $149,000 is already attractive. And, thanks to members-only finance terms, it gets even better. Members of Real Estate Trend Alert can buy with manageable monthly payments as low as $595 during construction. (When you join, you’ll get access to that special members-only pricing…and the finance terms.)

On delivery of the condo, you can clear the balance, or take advantage of developer financing for up to 10 years. With 10-year finance, you’d make payments of $855 a month.

This is a medium-term hold play.

Here’s how I see the strategy playing out.

Lock down a condo now.

Start renting long term on delivery. I expect you will be able to charge up to $1,000 per month.

Hold for five years, post delivery. At this stage I expect your condo could be worth up to $250,000. And, you will bank some nice rental income along the way.

These are the kinds of deals I routinely find for members of my Real Estate Trend Alert group. I bring them only the best opportunities to buy—often at special members-only pricing.

If you want to take advantage of this Cabo deal, there’s no time to lose. You must become a member of Real Estate Trend Alert to gain access. I invite you to join here.

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