Climate in Panama

Panama has a tropical maritime climate with a hot, humid, rainy season (May through to December) and a short dry season (January through to May). Geographically Panama is a narrow country from north to south. This results in competing weather patterns coming onshore from both the Caribbean ocean and the Pacific.

A Checklist of How to Evaluate Your Real Estate Developer

I can't count the number of real estate developers I've met over the last dozen years. Old and young...experienced and novice...local and foreign...savvy and clueless...I've met them all. Meeting these developers is a critical component in our process for deciding which projects stack up and which ones just don't make the grade.

The Quest to Find the Perfect Beach View For My Hammock

I’ve enjoyed hammocks all over Central America. It’s a way of life in this region, standard home furnishing, and a pastime enjoyed by all. Truck drivers stuck at customs checkpoints string them under their tractor-trailers. Families on front porches take quick naps—nothing puts a baby (or anyone for that matter) to sleep faster than a gently swinging hammock.

Grecia, Costa Rica

One of benefits of living in Costa Rica is the wide variety of climates available throughout the country. You can find just about any type of weather in Costa Rica, except snow. Those seeking year-long, spring-like weather look for towns in the country’s temperate Central Valley, and the lucky ones find Grecia.