“We Discovered There’s No Borders to Retirement”

"We're so happy to be here, every day is just a great day," Micki Westhorp says. "We can't imagine being retired anywhere else and having this kind of quality of life." Micki, 71, and her partner, Jaci Norwood, 62, moved from Dallas, Texas, to Cuenca, Ecuador, with the intention of buying a home and starting their retirement.

Freedom and Fun in a Low-Overhead Lifestyle

Several years ago, I found the dream car I’d always wanted, sitting on a lot in Phoenix, Arizona. It was a 1988 Mercedes 560SL—a two-seater with a removable hardtop—with only 40,000 miles, for just $15,000. And for just another $800, the guy even delivered it to my driveway in Vermont. It was the perfect car for going on a Sunday drive…when it wasn’t raining or snowing that is, and when there was no salt on the road.

Who Said Nothing in Life Comes for Free?

I get to see a lot of the world. New Zealand... Spain... Ireland... Turkey... Germany... Thailand. I love being on the road. But what makes these adventures extra special is this... I don’t have to pay a penny for any of them. I love dressing up. I love oysters. And I especially love the flamboyant world of opera. And even though it was practically last minute...

No Experience Required to Make Money from a Blog in Paris

When I first moved to Paris in 2005, I took a year off to decide what I wanted to do next. I had retired from my catering business in New York and didn’t want to spend my life behind a hot stove working 60-plus hours a week anymore. That was the beginning of the blog boom and I thought—just for fun—I would start a blog about my adventures in Paris. I had no former writing or photography experience but gave it a whirl anyway.