Panama is a Done Deal

I’m Suzan Haskins, and this is my final report on the 2013 Fast-Track Panama: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference in shiny, sparkly Panama City.

Last night we had cocktails overlooking the Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal. For various (perhaps obvious) reasons, I can’t remember exactly how many ships passed through the canal, traveling in both directions. But there were a lot. Non-stop.

I’m sure you know that the Canal is currently undergoing a massive expansion. Even more ships…giant, super-ships… and even more revenue will be passing through this tiny country very soon.

That 51-mile feat of engineering is a major reason for this country’s tremendous economic stability. Just take a look around and it’s obvious: The average Panamanian has more money today than they’ve ever had before. (I wish I could say the same about my own country.)

The truth is that Panama looks better than ever. The new beltway, called the Cinta Costera (that was built adjacent to the Bay of Panama) has reduced Panama City’s traffic problems (although the surely still exist). But happily, a new metro is being built that will help even more—the first and only light rail in a Central American metropolitan area.

In rural areas, too, potholes have been filled and new double-lane highways with high-tech lighting have been built. High-speed Internet is everywhere.

Point is: If you think of Panama City as a Third-World capital, you need to think again. This is the business capital of Latin America and this city has earned every inch of that status. Anything you need or want is here. And in everyone’s opinion, the glory days are still to come.

But, as a couple of expats living here said, “There’s Panama City. And there’s the rest of the country.”

Venture over the iconic Bridge of the Americas or the impressive Centennial Bridge and you’re in the “interior”—a completely different, and some say better, lifestyle experience.

We drilled down into the nitty-gritty details that can make or break your experience here (which included some very entertaining, laugh-out-loud moments).

We explored health care, health insurance… we discovered the easiest ways to learn Spanish and why that is so critically important… no matter how many Panamanians speak (or at least understand) English.

And of course, we heard from more expats. There is no substitute for hearing boots-on-the-ground, reliable, direct-from-the-source information.

As I’ve mentioned in my reports these past three days, this conference is leaving no stone unturned. If you want the full unabated story about what’s happening in Panama these days, you need to listen in to our roster of experts and expert expats share all the details… the Full Panama Monty, as it is… with you.

Everything You Need to Know About Health Care in Panama

For instance, today’s health care discussion… We heard from one of Panama’s best-known and well-respected young doctors who gave us an inside view of the country’s healthcare system. We heard from not one—but two—health insurance professionals. The public system, private insurance, hospital plans, international plans… it was all covered.

By the way, three of our expat speakers during this conference discussed their battles with cancer. They all say they would not be here today were it not for the excellent diagnostic and medical attention they received here in Panama.

Today we dove further into the topic of real estate. If you move here, you have to have a place to live, right? But these discussions weren’t sales pitches. No way, Jose. They were to-the-point primers, if you will, on individual markets… Panama City and its various neighborhoods… the beach communities within two hours of the city… Boquete and Volcan, two popular hamlets in the mountains of the Chirqui province… the Azuero peninsula…

I dare say that everyone in the conference center today now knows how to find the best deals, how much to pay, and how not to get scammed on real estate deals in Panama. (I can’t tell you how many Panama conferences I’ve personally been to over the years—and I learned some very valuable new information on this trip, thanks to attorney Rainelda Mata-Kelly, real estate expert Margaret Summerfield, and more.)

So how can you learn what we’ve learned?

Your No-Risk Way To Quickly Get Up To Speed About All Things Panama

We’ve had three full days of discussions and presentations. By my tally, we’ve recorded nearly 20 hours of information. In your 2013 Fast-Track Panama Package you’ll get every minute…every word uttered here in the conference hall.

You’ll also get a complete package of materials… copies of the handouts, every single PowerPoint and visual presentation. And of course, you get the complete dossier we give to each attendee—a complete rolodex of contacts that can help you hit the ground running if you’re thinking of living, investing, starting a business, or moving even a cent of your money to Panama.

In my e-mails over the last three days I’ve mentioned some of the professionals we’ve heard from here in Panama. Like…

  • U.S. tax specialist Nick Hodges and his Canadian counterpart Doug Hendler who can make sure you stay compliant and out of trouble with your local tax man.
  • Barefoot Consultant Winton Churchill who can help you use the life-long skills and talents you already have to earn an income no matter where in the world you live.
  • International Living editor Jessica Ramesch who has combed every corner of Panama on your behalf, discovering the best lifestyle and investment opportunities for you. Jessica definitely must be in your research rolodex if a move to Panama is in your future.
  • And the insightful expats, as I mentioned, like Stephen Johnson, Al Fine, Rosalind Baitel, Harry Hunt, Ingrid Senne, Ellen Cook, Mitzi Martain, and more who have graciously shared their own experiences…their hard-won tips and tricks that will help you streamline your move and ensure your success in Panama.

So please, do yourself a favor…

Reserve your 2013 Fast Track Panama Package now at the lowest price and quickly get up to speed on what we’ve learned here at this conference.

Like I said yesterday, Rainelda Mata-Kelly’s presentations alone can save you thousands of dollars…maybe more. The cost of 2013 Fast Track Panama Package is an outrageously small price to pay for all the insider information it contains.

It’s The Next Best Thing to Being Here and There is NO Risk To You

You can have all the most important information and benefits from this event … the tips, tricks, insider secrets, in-depth tutorials, and a front-row seat to all the action…

Plus the invaluable contact info that you can use right away…

Best of all, we guarantee that our 2013 Fast-Track Panama Package will help you fast track your plans of moving to…or investing in… Panama.

Reserve the 2013 Fast-Track Panama Package at the Lowest Price Available

The full price to attend this sold-out event was $1,095—but you can secure yourself a copy of the 2013 Fast-Track Panama Package for only $199… a mere fraction of what attendees paid to join us here in Panama City.

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But, this is a limited time offer only.

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As I’ve said, the discounted price includes:

  • Audio recordings of all our Panama experts’ presentations
  • Copies of all hand-outs and slideshows
  • Plus a special bonus report, titled: Rescue Your Retirement in Panama: a Step-By-Step Guide to Living Better and Lowering Your Costs (This report is only available to conference attendees and to you…when you order the Fast-Track Panama Package.)
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I’ll send the information about how to obtain your 2013 Fast-Track Panama Package as soon as we’re finished making copies of the recordings, the handouts, the PowerPoint presentations, etc.

If This Information Doesn’t Work for You, You Pay Nothing

This is your best chance to fulfill your dreams in Panama, whether it’s to:

  • Enjoy a comfortable, secure (and utterly relaxing) retirement
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  • Successfully invest in one of the world’s most attractive retirement havens…

Again, we guarantee that the information in our 2013 Fast-Track Panama Package will help you make your Panama dreams come true… whatever they are. If you don’t agree, we’ll return every penny you paid.

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So if you serious about tapping into the opportunities still available in the hidden, affordable Panama, I urge you to reserve your 2013 Fast-Track Panama Package now.

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