Panama – It’s All Over

Something about Panama must make the expats who live here some of the funniest people you’ll ever meet.

I mean hilariously funny, as the huge number of attendees at our latest Live and Invest in Panama Conference could tell you. At several points during the conference, a couple of our guest expat speakers actually had us wiping away tears of laughter.

It’s an especially good thing that we recorded this latest Panama event, because there is no way to get across the sheer, spontaneous joy that these expat presenters… especially Harry Hunt, Stephen Johnson, and Al Fine… brought to the room during these sessions.

You just had to be there, as they say… and with these recordings, you’ll see exactly what I mean. I’ve been master of ceremonies for many International Living conferences, and I can honestly say that I’ve rarely heard so much laughter and joy in the room.

That’s why I say that it must be something about Panama and the experiences that these expats have in this remarkable and varied country.

There are challenges to living abroad no matter where you go, but the relaxed, creative, and downright funny ways these expats in Panama have of dealing with the everyday flips and twists of life overseas tells me something… it tells me that things just might be a little easier, a little less confusing, a little more manageable in a country that uses the U.S. dollar as its currency, has a built-in economic dynamo (the Panama Canal), and has been dealing with Americans on a regular basis for more than 100 years.

That ease of life for expats in Panama was backed up by what we heard from our Panamanian presenters… building contractors, mail service providers, insurance and medical services providers… all seems to have an intuitive understanding of what North Americans were after in Panama and how to give it to them.

No wonder the expats who spoke at our conference were so funny… they were happy, relaxed, and having a wonderful time in their adopted country, and it showed in every speech and presentation.

These guys are just having a great time in Panama.

That’s what makes this particular batch of recordings… the assembled presentations of the 2011 Live and Invest in Panama Conference… so unique. Not only do they contain the collected tips, tricks, and wisdom of three days of detailed Panama info… they may also have you rolling on the floor with laughter.