Panama Video: Living in Santiago–The Provincial Capital of Veraguas

If you decide to live anywhere in or near the Veraguas province of Panama, chances are you’ll visit the provincial capital of Santiago often. Most “capitalinos” (Panamanians from the capital) will tell you there’s nothing much in Santiago, but on a recent visit I found the opposite.

Santiago is small, but it’s growing. It offers all the basics and many of the extra amenities one might crave. You’ll find cable television and high speed Internet and reliable power here. And there are also movie theaters and supermarkets, department stores and banks, little restaurants and even a few discos.

Luckily, Santiago hasn’t grown too much, so it is still very inexpensive. From the $2 lunches to the $30,000 homes the to $200 a month house rentals….life here is unbelievably easy and affordable.

In this video you’ll see: footage of Santiago conveniences like banks and department stores/supermarkets, some excellent roads, the cathedral and main plaza, the Normal School where teachers are trained, and some Santiago homes.

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