Panama’s Lowest Cost of Living (and Best Fishing)

Here in the Azuero Peninsula, paradise overlooks the Pacific and the fishing is renowned worldwide.

The eastern region is more developed, with a mix of old cities and new developments. The west is mostly frontier land…boasting great potential for anyone with big dreams.

On any given day on this and other beaches lining the Azuero coast, you’re likely to be the only sun-bather for miles around.

But when there are fiestas or festivales…something Azuero has more of than any region… the locals regularly and proudly celebrate the traditions and culture of their nation. From parades celebrating the national dress to raucous carnival festivals to showy rodeos…this can be the part of Panama where you’ll have the most fun.

You won’t find any large expat enclaves here. Unlike more popular destinations, you’re unlikely to hear English spoken when you’re wandering down the supermarket aisles in Azuero.

For an adventurous few, though, Azuero is the perfect destination. It offers Panama’s lowest cost of living, and it’s arguably the best place in the country to learn Spanish and really live like—and among—locals.

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