Panama’s Most Beautiful Town

Santa Fe de Veraguas in Panama is a tiny mountain hideaway with lots of natural bounty. About 200 miles west of Panama City, it’s the kind of place where expat couples are able to live on small pensions (as small as $1,000 a month). And I mean live comfortably.

It’s easy to grow heirloom vegetables or rare orchids, should you desire. The local guitar mater sells handcrafted Spanish guitars called mejoranas for under $100, and you can still get breakfast for less than $3. It’s one of the friendliest towns in Panama, and one of my favorite locations for scenic drives, hiking, or snapping photos of hummingbirds, toucans, rare blossoms and more.

One expat couple I met tried to retire here, but got so excited about the beautiful landscapes, they ended up opening a boutique inn called Casa Mariposa.

In fact, the small but growing expat community here seems to agree: this is a great place to live overall. It’s more than the cost of living or the excellent healthcare available in the city of Santiago, just an hour away. The rural, rugged mountains… the mild sunny days and cool evenings…the welcoming locals and their slow, quiet paced lives…all add to the unique allure.

Enjoy this video I took from my most recent visit to Santa Fe.

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