Photo Opportunities in Mexico

Mexico is a land of bright colors, happy people and striking views. That makes it a perfect place to take pictures. The right pictures can pay for your trip…

And it’s so easy to get to. A day trip to Tijuana can be had for a couple dollars each way on the big red buses that leave and return from San Diego.

I’ve visited a bunch of times but I can’t remember ever being in Mexico on a rainy day. On my last visit, the sun was shining on the busy mercado (market) while women made tortillas. Brightly-colored parrots chattered with each other from cage to cage like a women’s coffee hour.

Rows of eye-catching produce, food and gifts line the aisles of the mercados. Food photography is one of my favorite things about Mexico. The panaderias (bakeries) are loaded with flour-dusted rolls in big white bins. And the cookies…oh the cookies! If you’re taking pictures you should be a good tourist and try to buy something. (I’m thinking cookies!)

Meanwhile, the bars dotted around the market offer large exotic drinks cheap and have great décor and murals. The drinks themselves are fantastic to photograph. Order a few. (Purely for photographing, of course!)

Mexico’s coastal areas are famous for inexpensive lobster. Sitting at a picnic table with its checkered cloth on the patio of a mom and pop restaurant, with a bucket of golden bottles of beer and a beach view, makes the bright red lobsters all the more tasty…and photogenic.

Mexico is also the land of sports. There’s the iconic bull fighting but also dog races, horse races, and one of my favorites, jai alai—a fast-paced team sport similar to lacrosse.

The passionate crowds cheer, place bets and roar on their teams. I often turn my camera toward the spectators as well as at the main events.

Mexico’s regular folks are also fun to photograph. People chatting and going about their day…stall owners calling for customers…and little girls who sell bright paper flowers to passersby.

You’ll also be tempted to photograph the donkeys painted like zebras and wearing sombreros. It’s hard to resist. But maybe give the guys who take care of these animals a couple bucks if you snap them…they make their living off of tourists getting their pictures taken with the donkeys. I’ve never seen a donkey in ill health or mistreated and since I’m making money off the photos I take, I consider it only right to contribute a little to their care.

There are many ways to enjoy Mexico. If you are unfamiliar with the land you can book time in a resort that caters to tourists. They are always decorated authentically and a week in a Mexican resort can pay for itself in photos.

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