Your Own Piece of Paradise in Costa Rica for Less Than You’d Ever Expect

“What’s Costa Rica like?” a friend asked me recently. We were sitting talking about some of our favorite places in the world. I didn’t hesitate with my answer: “It’s a tropical paradise.”

There was a lot more I had to say about it—warm and welcoming locals, and how easy it is to get around (a big plus in my book). I told her how fresh and delicious the food is—that fruit picked from the tree that morning or coffee grown a couple of miles away are the norm, not the exception.

All of those things I mentioned add up to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

But Costa Rica’s natural and magnificent beauty…that’s what really sticks in my memory when I think about my time there. This is a country that demands you have a camera with you at all times: to snap a picture of a glorious troop of howler monkeys or colorful toucans flying overhead. This beauty is right there on your doorstep every moment of every day.

I spent a lot of time just sitting on Costa Rica’s beaches, letting the bright sun warm my shoulders and the world pass me by. This could be your new reality in Costa Rica. You could start your day with a swim in warm Pacific waters…and end it with a walk on that same beach, watching a dramatic sunset turn the sky a fiery red and pastel pink.

“Hang on though,” my friend said. “Isn’t it really expensive to buy a property in a place like this?” I shook my head. “Not if you know where to buy.”

For years now, I’ve read that buying land in Costa Rica is too expensive…that there’s nowhere left where you can pick up a bargain.

Most people believe that. They think that the dream of living surrounded by nature, close to unspoiled beaches, in Costa Rica, must be out of reach for normal folk. They check out the real estate prices in the best-known beach towns and figure that Costa Rica is out of their price range—if they want to buy in the most beautiful parts of the country.

But that’s not true if you know where to look. Because, as I told my friend, there’s one part of Costa Rica that’s stayed off most people’s radar. And it’s where you could lock down your piece of paradise for far less than you’d ever expect.

You might not have heard of the Southern Zone. A lot of people haven’t. That’s because, while the rest of Costa Rica was taking off, the Southern Zone remained largely undiscovered and untouched.

For decades, the roads leading to the Southern Zone were bad. It took nine hours to get here from San José’s international airport on bone-shaking, potholed roads that became impassable after heavy rain.

That kept the Southern Zone off the radar of all but the most adventurous expats and tourists. So, while the north Pacific coast of the country, in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, was going through a major real estate boom, prices in the Southern Zone stayed low.

The only reason for this is the historic lack of access. Visitors to the Southern Zone will tell you it’s one of the most stunning parts of Costa Rica. Real estate should cost more here, not less.

The beaches are among the best in the country…and the natural beauty is breathtaking. Acres of thick, green jungle roll down toward the ocean. This is where you come if you want to spot a whale or see a rare bird.

A new highway has been built—so getting here is easier and quicker than it’s ever been. No more long, uncomfortable journeys. Today, you can zip here from San José airport in three hours.

Now that it’s easier to get here, more tourists and second home buyers are coming. But, the Costa Rican government recognizes how special a place this is. It’s put tight restrictions on how much development can happen here. The Southern Zone is likely to stay an almost untouched natural paradise.

The Standout Community in the Southern Zone

Back to that affordable real estate I was telling you about: you’ll find it in Pacific Lots. Pacific Lots is the gold standard community in the Southern Zone. Yet it’s here that you can pick up an incredible piece of land for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay.

Pacific Lots is about a mile from Ojochal—a charming little town where you can pick up champagne and cheese at the deli or fresh-baked pastries at a farmer’s market. It has everything you need in a town: a supermarket, a doctor and a dentist office, and even a hospital close by. And, there’s a close-knit expat community, who come from North America, France, Italy, and beyond.

There are around 250 homes built in Pacific Lots—but they’re spread out, so it doesn’t feel cluttered or cramped.

You don’t need to build a home in Pacific Lots until you’re ready. And when you are, you won’t have rows of cookie cutter homes alongside your home—just views to the ocean and to the mountains. And the price for a lot in this community is more affordable than you’d imagine.

Take one lot that’s available now. It’s a third of an acre and has incredible ocean and mountain views (each ranked 10 out of 10). A Your Own Home Overseas reader could lock this lot down now for $100,000. That’s an incredible deal for a lot where you can see clear to the Pacific Ocean ahead…and you’re surrounded by some of Costa Rica’s most stunning wildlife and beauty.

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