Point…Shoot…and Cash In

My friends thought I was crazy when I first started talking about selling my photos. I had no experience and I barely knew how to work my camera. But they have no idea how easy it was to put my travel photos online and start selling them as stock.

Stock photography is a great market to get into.

I love selling my photos as stock because I can take photos of whatever I want…then, once I submit them, my work is done. All I do is sit and let the income roll in.

Taking photos and selling them in a variety of different markets, including stock, editorial, and directly to clients, has been an amazingly fun spare-time income source over the past few years. But if you’ve got the time and the drive, this is something you can do full-time, too.

In fact, whether you’d like a nice side-income, or you need to replace your entire income, you may have photos on your computer’s hard drive that you could start with right now.

And it’s the kind of income you can start earning now and take overseas with you when you’re ready to move.

As a part-time photographer, I get paid to do what I love in my spare time. I get to create art around my home and on my travels and then sell it.

If you love to see the art in everything, or you travel a lot, selling your photos as fine art might suit you. You don’t need the best camera on the market to take photos you can print and sell. In fact, you can even sell fine art photos taken with a point-and-shoot camera. Some people are selling prints from their phones these days.

Look around where you live and see if a coffee shop nearby displays art on the walls. Once you find one, all that’s left to do is print some photos and talk to the owner about hanging them.

You don’t have to be an artist or have a background in photography to start selling your photos. A good eye for detail helps. And it’s a good idea to have some knowledge of which markets are open to beginners, and where to start. With a little advice…you’re on your way.

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