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Eighteen years ago while we were getting evicted from our home, I couldn’t see a money-making opportunity anywhere. I was broke. But then I discovered the secret of e-books and today, I see money-making opportunities everywhere.

I don’t watch a lot of television but when I did I kept seeing ads by Larry the Cable Guy (ok, I’ll admit, I love his crazy humor).

They were for a product I’d never heard of—Prilosec. And they came on so many times I could see Prilosec had spent millions of dollars to air them. That led me to find out what Prilosec was—a remedy for heartburn and acid reflux.

So what, you say?

Well it told me that there must be a great audience for heartburn and acid reflux remedies or else why would they spend so much money. And when I used some of my ninja Amazon search strategies, I discovered that there weren’t a lot of “information products” to show people how to treat heartburn and acid reflux naturally.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a simple e-book with natural remedies for heartburn and acid reflux might pump up my bank account with a few extra bucks every month.

So I created some simple specifications for an e-book and found a freelance writer, who is a certified nutritionist, to write it.

Now it’s important to understand that I didn’t know anything about heartburn or acid reflux but I could put myself in the position of someone who suffered regularly from that condition—I occasionally had it myself—and ask myself what kind of information would I like to have to cure that awful feeling.

In just a few hours, with a little surfing on the web, I came up with a rough outline for the book. I included that in my specifications to the ghostwriter and she did the rest.

In about 30 days, I had uploaded an e-book version of the finished product and within a few weeks of that I had rocketed to the top of the category at Amazon.

Within the first 90 days I had recouped my investment, including the fee for the ghostwriter. That was more than two years ago and I’ve been in profit ever since.

But the bigger part of this story is that I’m likely to be earning money from this book 20 years from now. Why? Because it’s evergreen material. In other words, the information will be as good tomorrow as it is today—heartburn is likely to be around as long as humans inhabit the earth.

When you’re looking to fund your life overseas you’re looking for a good source of income but you’re also looking for a long-term source of income. The right evergreen e-book can provide some of that income, and the really good news is that you can hire someone (usually for very little) to write that book.

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