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I couldn’t help doing a stealthy Google search as International Living revealed their favorite up-and-coming oceanfront destination in Uruguay. We had just shown a four-bedroom home smack dab on the beach, with two terraces overlooking the ocean. The asking price is $92,000, but we think the owner will take less.

Do the photos back up? Does this little town look as if it has the potential we say it does?

Oh yeah.

Picture wide, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters lapping gently at the shoreline. And tidy, tree-lined streets framed by stately balconied buildings.

It’s about 30 minutes from the international airport…and about 45 minutes from a major metro area.

This town, though, isn’t in favor with Uruguayans, as are other places. (The locals want to live where the celebrities live; the young folk want to live near Shakira…and the oldsters are moving into actor Michael Caine’s neighborhood.)

But foreigners are starting to trickle in to the “overlooked gems” along Uruguay’s pretty Atlantic Coast…spots where prices are low but amenities—and profit potential—are high.

This was only one of the top-secret profit-potential destinations revealed yesterday and today during the 2011 International Real Estate Investment Forum.

As well as thebeach pick in Uruguay, we’ve learned about the up-and-coming destination in Belize (just named as a top retirement destination by AARP), three overlooked locales in Costa Rica, the #1 place to invest for profit in Mexico, the top two can’t-miss destinations in Brazil (I told you about one of those yesterday), and much, much more.

Just today, we’ve drilled down into specific markets in Panama, Argentina, several areas of Uruguay…even the most promising spots to watch in Europe.

Europe is particularly ripe with “crisis investing” opportunities, says Ronan McMahon.

There are several ways to profit from the dire straits of some foreign economies, Ronan says. Most importantly you need to need to know when and where to jump. And how high or low.

This topic—of identifying and profiting from struggling markets—has been well addressed at this conference. Even more, we’ve explored the best ways to make a play in newly emerging markets—those with little risk because their economies, unlike our own, are booming.

Where are the best markets to invest in right now? You can be sure that’s been covered up one side and down the other…literally and with maps, in most cases.

Not only do we know where the best investment markets are, but we’ve been introduced to the best deals in those markets.

Here are just a few of the 2011 Hottest Markets and Hottest Deals on the Planet from the 2011 International Real Estate Investment Forum:

  • Ecuador has a low, low cost of living and some of the world’s lowest real estate prices…for now. Along the north coast of Ecuador, the beaches are wide and largely untouched. But these beautiful beaches have been hard to get to…until now. A new bridge and a new highway from Quito is now open. And that’s made this the closest beach area to Quito, the country’s capital. This little corner is poised to boom—there are two specific opportunities here that deserve your attention.
  • Along Mexico’s Riviera Maya, a postcard-perfect Caribbean coast, there’s a spot where the development is thoughtful and demand for accommodation is high. And there’s a great income-producing play here. The kind of thing high-net-worth individuals love to grab. Only you don’t need to be loaded to get in on this one!
  • In “already-discovered” Costa Rica where the rainforest meets the ocean… the views are jaw dropping glorious. You’d think prices would be sky-high. But until just recently, this place has been hard to get to… or, at least, it has been until now. A new road is in… and there’s a short window of opportunity here right now as local prices begin to increase to meet those in neighboring areas.
  • In Belize, a well-planned “new urbanism” project is located on one of Belize’s most beautiful stretches of coast. Just offshore is the world’s second-largest barrier reef, teeming with marine life. If you like diving, snorkeling, or fishing, this is your place. And right now, for just $11,000 down and interest-free payments of $687.50 for four years you can get a stake in this, one of the Caribbean’s most elite new communities.
  • In Uruguay, there’s a seaside beach and golf project where you can buy in now and get a half-acre lot for just $31,900! Those at the conference were offered a 10% discount…and you can get one, too—I’ll tell you how in just a moment.

There were more deals like this, of course, and information shared. We learned how to capitalize on the (ongoing) boom in Brazil….we learned how to boost our portfolios with income-producing vineyards in Argentina…with teak forestry projects in Panama…and much, much more.

You couldn’t be with us? Don’t worry. You can learn what we’ve learned here in Toronto—and get access to every deal and discount.

We’re making audio recordings of all 47 of the presentations—more than 20 hours worth of nitty gritty details and actionable information. Every presentation… every play… every strategy from the 2011 International Real Estate Investment Forum is being recorded.

We’re also making copies of all the handouts, PowerPoint and visual presentations. We’re calling this the 2011 International Real Estate Investment Forum Audio Kit.

It really is the next best thing to being here in person.

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By the way, we’re also putting together a special Hot Deals White Paper with all the details of every special investment deal presented at the conference—with contact info so you can act on these deals, too. We’ll rush this special White Paper to you, along with your Forum Audio Kit.

I’ll send the information about how to obtain your Forum Audio Kit as soon as we’re finished making copies of the recordings, the handouts, the PowerPoint presentations, etc.

There’s no other way you can find this information on your own, let alone at this low price. But even so, we’re making this promise:

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I think you’ll agree that’s more than fair.

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