Real Estate Trend Alert Insider Podcast: Land Holding in Nicaragua and the Next Miami

In this month’s edition of Real Estate Trend Alert Insider, exclusive to RETA Lifetime members, Ronan chats to Bill Bonner, founding publisher of International Living, Agora’s Chairman, and partner at Rancho Santana, one of Central America’s most luxurious and in-demand beach resorts.

In this podcast, Bill talks to Ronan about how Rancho Santana became the world-famous resort it is today. They also dig deeper into some of the best real estate investments Bill has made in a career spanning decades.

Bill and Ronan also highlight where the top places to watch over the next few years are, how you can profit in Nicaragua, and where the next Miami might be.

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Wishing you good real estate investing,

Ronan McMahon

Ronan McMahon