About Pathfinder Ltd.

Dear Reader,

My name is Ronan McMahon, and I’d like to introduce you to Pathfinder.

At Pathfinder, our mission is to scout the globe to find the most unique and value-oriented real estate opportunities the world has to offer. We’re your eyes and ears on the ground, working to get you in early for the best possible deal… often at prices you thought were consigned to the history books.

Our name is new, but we’re definitely not the new kids on the block. Until 2007, we were International Living. The same ones who told you about Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, the Bay Islands of Honduras, Argentina… long before the rest of the world had caught on to their incredible real estate opportunities.

* In late 2004, quality ocean-view condos on Ave. Balboa in Panama…for just over $1,000 per square meter. Fast forward to 2008, and those units were selling for $2,500 per square meter. One reader bought a unit for $98,000…if he sold in 2008, he could have netted a profit of up to $150,000 before fees
* The best beach-front lots on Nicaragua’s stunning Pacific Coast, for just $34,900. Today, you would expect to pay up to $150,000 or more for those lots.
* In January 2009, readers saved up to 30% on lots in Uruguay…and those that bought pre-launch units in the same month in Fortaleza have seen the value of their units increase by up to 60%

We continue to bring readers the inside scoop on the world’s best real estate deals through our free Pathfinder e-letter…bringing them early-in opportunities such as half-acre lots in Uruguay from $31,900…and condos in a five star beach and golf resort in Mexico from $800 a month.

Every year we investigate hundreds of projects around the world. Most don’t stand up to our rigid scrutiny; only a small percentage make the cut—and they are the only ones we’ll tell you about.

Global events can create opportunities… but you need to be armed with the most in-depth and up-to-date information to capitalize on situations as they arise. That’s where Pathfinder excels.

Working with our in-country experts, professional contacts, and other sources throughout the world, Pathfinder digs deeply into the geo-political, economic, and strategic factors that influence property values—the likely effects right now and the possible trends in the future—to keep you ahead of the curve. We’ll give you in-depth knowledge of local markets…the kind of information that can help you assess an overseas opportunity, whether you’re looking for a second home, a retirement property, or an investment vehicle.

As a Pathfinder reader, you can benefit from our on the ground research, our legwork, and our years of experience. And because our research keeps you one step ahead of the mainstream, we’ll bring you not just affordable real estate – but also exceptional opportunities where you can make a lot of money.

With some of the developers we work with, we have been responsible for up to 80% of their sales. That gives us a huge amount of leverage which we use on your behalf. We negotiate early access to new inventory, special payment terms, and exclusive discounts.

In 2012, we brought Pathfinder readers deals such as a lake-view condo in Costa Rica for $75,000… beach condos in Ecuador from $85,600…and beach lots in Brazil from $31,000. We also investigated markets as diverse as Chile and Colombia.

Pathfinder is paid advertising fees by developer and broker partners. We are extremely selective about the projects we work with, and our aim is to provide you with all the information you need in order to begin your own due diligence process to determine if a particular opportunity is right for you.

Of course, we always recommend the use of a qualified legal professional to help with any real estate transaction, and we always strongly advise that you purchase title insurance. We remind you that in many markets, the ownership and development process is very different than in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. For this reason you should always buy what you see and not just what’s promised.

Thank you for letting me introduce Pathfinder, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about offshore real estate, and how we can help you find your own piece of paradise.


Ronan McMahon
Executive Director, Pathfinder, Ltd.

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