A Relaxing Day on Las Lajas Beach, Panama

Las Lajas is the favored beach among expats in Chiriquí. An easy one-hour drive from David going east on the Interamerican highway brings you to the San Felix intersection. Here you turn right and head towards the ocean. Thirty minutes more and you will find the two-lane road ends at the shore. The small village seems abandoned as you drive along the rough road. Yet there are a few hostels and even a place where you can rent a tent for the night.

If you arrive on a weekday, chances are you won’t see anyone around. Turning left on an unpaved rocky road brings you to a line of public car parks with thatched roofs where you can park in the shade. Miles of unspoiled beaches, perfect ocean temperatures, and quiet surroundings make this a perfect, relaxing place to spend the day.

If you forgot to bring a picnic basket for lunch, no problem. There are several small beach shacks scattered under the palm trees where you can enjoy a bite to eat while looking out at the ocean.


If you feel like treating yourself, drop by Las Lajas Beach Resort—an oasis of sorts where expats come to hang out. The resort offers a day pass for $10, which entitles you to access to the pool, showers, and a chance to enjoy sitting under a palapa (umbrella) looking out at the ocean while sipping a cool beverage and relaxing. If you are inclined to get your feet wet, you can go for a swim in the picturesque Caribbean, or if you’re feeling adventurous you can try your hand at boogie boarding. The long stretches of beach are also perfect for relaxed walks, kite-flying, and sunset-watching.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The cool breeze and ocean view makes it a perfect place for open-air dining. If you want to stay longer, the resort has a total of 12 guest rooms.

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