Retirement Rescue 101

If anyone needed a retirement rescue—it was Ron and Terresa Moore.

But thanks to low-cost Ecuador, they’re enjoying a relaxing early retirement in a warm, sunny climate. They have quality health care for $133 a month. And today they “sleep like babies every night,” says Ron.

I was at International Living’s recent Live and Invest in Ecuador Seminar in Quito when Ron Moore wowed the excited attendees. Something about this couple’s story just struck a bell with the crowd.

Back in July 2007, Ron and Terresa were living easy: “We made $16,000 a month managing a car dealership, we had real estate and $1.2 million in assets.”

But fast forward to December 2008. After 30 years, they found themselves out of work. Their real estate and stocks were falling fast. And their nest egg had shrunk to $300,000.

Sound familiar?

So how does the 58-year-old couple live worry-free and “sleep like babies every night?”

They made a smart change: they moved south to Cotacachi, Ecuador. And as Ron says, it was a “dream come true.”

Today, the couple split their time between a home in the warm mountains of Cotacachi and tranquil beaches of Crucita on the sun-kissed Pacific coast. (Even with their fractured nest egg, they were able to buy a charming beach house for just $61,000.)

Their living expenses are minimal. Ron has a truck deliver ice-cold beer to his doorstep and a cart that brings him free-range eggs. And they pay $80 a year in property taxes (and that’s for both houses!)

Ron shared the all the specific details of just how little their life costs—and so much more. But besides just facts and figures, Ron’s story inspired.

After Ron got off the stage, attendees keep telling me over and over: “If Ron and Terresa can do it, so can I.” If you’ve ever considered moving to Ecuador, I’m sure their presentation would have inspired you too.

Here’s how you can listen to Ron and Terresa’s full story, see their monthly budget and get their “been there, done that” advice for aspiring expats that want to come to Ecuador…


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