Revealed: How to Buy Costa Rica for $556 a Month

There’s a special place on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast where bright, thick, green jungle canopy rolls down to a stretch of sandy beaches and rocky points. It’s truly stunning.

While prices in places you’ll see in glossy magazines soared…prices here stayed low. It was difficult to get to. But a new smoothly paved coastal highway has changed that. And it’s nicer here.

One project along this coast stands out as the gold standard. It’s here that members of Real Estate Trend Alert can buy with a manageable down payment and interest-free monthly payments of $556 for three years. In fact, there are two price lists. One for all the inventory at the project. The other, a list of special “off market” pricing for members of “RETA” on handpicked lots.

Prices stayed low here because this area was difficult to get to. That’s changed. It’s nicer than the “popular” parts where prices can be six times higher. This isn’t a backwater, though. The local town is surprisingly cosmopolitan. You have a choice of international cuisines—French, German, Italian, Indonesian.

The baguettes from the bakery are sold warm, always fresh and crisp. You can buy your cheese next door; it’s worth the short trip. The fridge at the delicatessen is piled high and deep with premium produce from Europe’s trophy cheese-producing regions. This is also the place to match wine or champagne with your cheese selection.

You have a doctor’s office, a dentist’s office, gas station, hardware store, Internet cafe and a supermarket. It’s close to a modern hospital, too. You won’t find five-star hotels or luxury resorts. However, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice daily conveniences.

Minutes from town you’ll find the best-in-class project where we can buy one of those lots for $556 a month. It is a mature, established development, with over 150 homes already constructed. It’s fully serviced with roads, water, electricity, satellite TV, Internet and a modern communications system. You don’t have to rely on the developer’s promises. You can see and touch everything that’s been built.

The only condition of this deal is that you keep quiet about the price you get in at. (This is an off-market deal. That’s why I can’t publicly announce the project name or give you the exact location.) It’s important we respect this or developers will stop making us offers like this.

This is one of the world’s most jaw-dropping stretches of coast. These lots are a buy at full price…and given the infrastructural improvements in place with the opening of the new coastal highway, I expect prices to rise from this level.

The developer agreed to do this because he knows members of Real Estate Trend Alert are well qualified, savvy and willing to pull the trigger when the deal is right. He is willing to leave something on the table to get us on board.

If this is something that interests you, my full report on this opportunity (as well as a presentation about what else we do at Real Estate Trend Alert) can be accessed here.


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