Revealed: Secret Caribbean Property Deal

If there’s a finer stretch of white Caribbean powder sand and turquoise water…I haven’t seen it.

Perched just above the tree line of gently swaying palms, this roof terrace gives the best vantage point for sunset. The only sound is warm turquoise waters lapping on the crescent of white, warm coral-sand beach. We can’t see where it ends. Down the beach the palm trees get in the way as the crescent ends its shape. The lapping sound of bath-warm waves is only interrupted by the swoosh of flocks of birds playfully drifting by.

Our eyes and heads track their direction. Not to the lapping, Caribbean shores but to the lagoon. Dinner comes easier there. As sunset spills a comforting yellow light across the lagoon a lone fisherman paddles on the glass-flat water. He also has dinner in mind. But there’s more than enough to go around. This wildlife preserve stretches for miles and millions of acres. It will stay as it is.

Here, nestled at the end of this stunning Caribbean coastline, surrounded by untamed jungle, ancient forest cities, this protected nature reserve, and the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea, is one of the world’s best-kept secrets…for now.

Hard to believe that next week members of Real Estate Trend Alert will lock down big, five-acre lots with financed monthly payments of $500…just 12 minutes inland from here.

Past the lagoon and in the jungle are ancient Mayan ruins. Big cats roam. White bottomed lagoons connect overland or through underwater rivers with the Caribbean. Locals tell of giant barracudas coming from these shallow waters. One, the size of a small man. Who knows whether these tales are true, exaggerated, or made up to entertain passers by. They certainly add a kick to the best roadside ceviche I have eaten.

The world’s second-longest coral reef hugs the seashore. There are no high-rise condos or big shopping malls…and no spring-break crowds…on these tranquil beaches. Chic boutique hotels are dotted along the coastline.

It’s hard to believe that despite the raw nature, this place is easily accessible from anywhere in the U.S. A major government plan is set to make it more accessible.

Values could soar.

Spread out over a stunning piece of virgin jungle is secret deal, more commonly known as an “off-market deal,” in one of my favorite Caribbean destinations. In total, 11 lots will be offered to members of Real Estate Trend Alert. Each lot is five acres and RETA members will have access to financing—monthly payments of $500 after a modest down payment.

Here, roads meander and branch around endangered and rare trees, and all stone curbing is built by hand from stone recycled from the site. This residential project is designed to have a community feel…yet preserve 95% of the virgin jungle. As you walk to the community center on the country lane, you see toucans, deer, fox and many hundreds of species of birds.

Your five-acre lot gives you plenty of space for privacy and comfort. Yet you are only 12 minutes from that white-sand beach I told you about.

This is a very special place.

Unfortunately I can’t write the name of this project (where monthly payments of $500 buy you a lot) or where exactly it is, in any publicly available material. As I mentioned, this is an off-market deal strictly limited to 11 members of my Real Estate Trend Alert service. Full details will be released in my report to members early next week.

If you’re not a member, you can learn more about this group here.

The developer has offered us special pricing and terms on inventory only we get access to. Everyone else pays full sticker price…and they don’t even know how deals like this work.

If this sounds like something that interests you, you have to act fast. I expect these lots will be snapped up in a matter of days. It’s not too late to get in on this opportunity.

Editor’s Note: Ronan McMahon is a director of Pathfinder (IL’s preferred real estate advertiser).