Road Trip Reveals Costa Rican Secrets

“My wife Suzan and I breathed a sigh of relief and toasted our good fortune. The lights here were just as low, the ocean breeze just as gentle, and the spaghetti carbonara just as peppery and fresh in the little restaurant on Playa Samara as they were during our honeymoon 14 years ago.

“We’d been warned that this sheltered scallop of white sandy beach and its tiny town of dirt-floored eateries and cubbyhole B&Bs had boomed beyond recognition since we got married here in 1997.

“In fact, we’d been warned that, since our road-trip honeymoon, Costa Rica had all but priced itself out of the market as a value-oriented destination for retirees and expats.

“But as we discovered on our latest reconnaissance trip, Costa Rica still offers great value as an affordable retirement and second-home destination… along with some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere on earth,” writes Dan Prescher in the June issue of International Living magazine.

Dan and Suzan covered hundreds of miles on their latest scouting trip and found some truly amazing deals. Prices of beachfront properties along certain stretches of Costa Rica’s coast have tumbled. The time to strike is now; prices are down by as much as 30% in places…

And in this month’s issue, Dan reveals where those places are.

In fact, we’ve put together this handy video with an inside look at all the stories you’ll find in this month’s issue.

Dan and Suzan’s tour took in two of the country’s best stretches of coastline, the Nicoya Peninsula and the Gold Coast. If you love the beach, how about a one-bedroom house on a 4,000-square-foot lot just a five-minute drive from the most beautiful beach on Costa Rica’s northern Pacific coast? It’s going for just $94,000. Dan shares the full story on these coastal areas in the latest issue. (Subscribe now to get it.)

And the coast is just one place they found deals. Long Costa Rica’s most popular spot for expats, the Central Valley isn’t usually considered an affordable destination, but there’s a region here, just one hour from the capital, San Jose, where you’ll pick up real bargains.

Dan found one 40-acre coffee farm for $100,000 for instance. If a laid-back, country lifestyle among rolling green hills and rushing streams appeals, yet you want to be close to modern amenities, this is the place for you. For more, check out the June issue.

And Dan and Suzan got off the beaten track, too…into the mountains toward a remarkable 33-square-mile lake anchored on its east end by the perfect cone of an active volcano.

“Given its natural beauty, the friendliness of both locals and expats, and the wide variety of affordable property around the lake,” Dan writes, he and Suzan “are amazed at how peaceful and uncrowded the lake has remained: Mile after mile of clear, smooth water and green, wooded shoreline in every direction.”

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