Safaris…Glaciers…Volcanoes…And a Paycheck After the Trip

If someone told my younger self that one day my photographs would rescue me from the daily grind…allow me to spend more time with my family…afford me the opportunity to travel the world…and foot the bill to boot…I would have told them they were cuckoo.

But photography has led me to climb volcanoes in Hawaii…go dog-sledding on Alaskan glaciers…drive game safaris in South Africa…and chase storms across the globe!

Thirty-two countries have stamped my passport…and that is just the beginning!

After many agonizing years of marketing positions—aka sales jobs—I found myself sitting in the lounge area of an Alaskan cruise ship editing my vacation photos. I turned around to notice a crowd of people hovering to get a peek. One guy piped-up and said, “I’ll give you 20 bucks to email me your 10 best shots!”

I never thought of selling my photographs before that day, but the idea stayed with me. With nothing more than serious determination and a willingness to learn, I can attest, anyone can become a paid photographer.

There are so many ways to earn photography income, it is mind boggling. I started small, selling prints in my hometown. With so many resources online, it has become exceedingly easy to sell fine art photography—a particularly guilty pleasure of mine—through online art retailers.

Gradually finding the groove, I now sell travel images, architectural photographs, head shots, postcards, micro-stock, and more. Over the last several years, I have been able to grow my revenue stream beyond funding my travels into a respectable additional income.

While all of the traveling, adventures, and extra income are fantastic, it is the intangible benefits that make all the difference. Since I began selling my images, I have had the freedom to work from home and the flexibility to set my own hours and choose my own projects; the struggle to balance work and life has all but disappeared!

I now spend quality time with family and friends, I am no longer the one who cannot attend important events and family gatherings, and the days have long past where I grind away long into the night, every weekend, and overtime on holidays.

But the most unbelievable benefit…my photographs work for me. Day in, day out, rain or shine, my images are out there in the world racking up extra income whether I show up to work or not.

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