Positano, Italy

We’re in a small, Italian automobile, and I’m pretty sure we are going to die. My wife and I, along with her brother and sister-in-law, are in the second week of a 20-day trip to Italy. After a wonderful week in Florence, with side-trips to Venice and Lucca, we took the train south to Naples..

How Much Has Ecuador Changed My Life?

It has been almost three years since my wife Rita and I first purchased our oceanfront condo in the popular beach town of Salinas, Ecuador, and just over two years since we moved here to live. Sometimes it’s a bit mind-boggling when we stop and think about how different our lives are now. If I had to pick one of the biggest changes we’ve made that has had the biggest impact on our lives, I would have to say it’s living without a car. Let’s put aside the obvious effect on our pocketbook—to be free of the expenses of car payments, car repairs, maintenance, insurance, and gas—and look at the change it makes in our lifestyle.