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Who is International Living?

We have been helping people retire overseas since 1979. Each day we uncover some of the most desirable--and cheapest--retirement havens on earth. Welcome to the world as seen from a slightly more exciting, adventurous, and contrarian perspective...the world of International Living. It's a big world, full of opportunity for fun and for profit. We're standing by, ready to help any way we can to make your international living dreams come true.

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Our global network of staff and resources have spent over 30 years looking for the world's most exciting and beautiful places to invest, live, and enjoy life to the fullest.

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You have the best, most easy to understand, most comprehensive information. I had spent dozens of hours doing research, but when I found your site, I knew what I needed after a couple of hours.
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Our quality of life has greatly exceeded our expectations. We live in an upscale gated community and have a three-bedroom, three-bath house. We have a full-time maid who does all our chores and a gardener who cares for the yard…all for less than half the cost of a moderate lifestyle in Atlanta.
Jack and Nancy Griffin