Small-Town Living Close to David, Panama From $81,500

As the housing market in David continues to grow with the city’s current population of over 163,000 residents, there is now a housing shortage. Recent analysis suggests that over 60,000 new homes are expected to be built in the next two years in areas just outside of David to accommodate the shortage.

Los Algarrobos and Dolega are towns located directly on the highway to Boquete and are within an easy 10-minute drive to David. The district of Dolega, which encompasses Los Algarrobos, has a population of just over 26,000 residents and covers a little over 96 square miles.

The housing boom in Chiriqui has opened up a great opportunity for expats to find a diversity of homes to rent or buy in the areas surrounding the towns of Dolega and Los Algarrobos where several new developments are being constructed.

Dolega is the larger of the two towns as it’s the district capital. It has a nice downtown area about 10 blocks long with a welcoming city center park and several tree-lined residence areas close to the downtown area. In Dolega, you’ll find local smaller grocery stores, hardware stores, bakeries, gas stations, and small local eateries.

Los Algarrobos is the first small town you pass through as you head up to Boquete about five minutes outside of David. Los Algarrobos’s charm lies in the country roads that lead off in different directions to small and larger developments of homes hidden among lush landscapes of pasture land with wonderful views of the surrounding hillsides. It’s higher in elevation, making it somewhat cooler in temperature than David, and that’s one of its biggest attractions. In reality, Los Algarrobos is almost considered a suburb of David.

As many as seven new developments are being built between Los Algarrobos and Dolega. Los Valles de Algarrobos, Residencial Maria Gloria, and Villa Julie are just a few of the older, larger, established neighborhoods. These subdivisions have nice paved streets, and well-kept homes with a centrally located neighborhood park.

In the Los Algarrobos neighborhood of Altamar, purchasing a new three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in a completely new subdivision will run from $65,000 to $120,000. Right now, there are several being built with price ranges for different models. An unfurnished, typical Panamanian-style home here with two bedrooms and one bathroom will rent from $160 to $400 a month. Furnished rentals start at $400.

In the new gated community of Doral Villas, you can find several homes already occupied. This community is making use of its beautiful forested location by implementing walking paths, playground areas for kids, and a gym with workout equipment. These homes have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a formal dining room, maid’s quarters, and covered carport, with prices starting at $81,500.

El Flor Highlands is a new gated community being built. This is an ecological community dedicated to preserving the ecology of the land. The plan is to create walking paths and gardens to take advantage of the beauty of the river. It’s located on the river with many lot sizes available from one-and-a-half acres up to twelve-and-a-half acres. Prices for the lots start at $27,500. All three house plans are designed to take advantage of the outdoor environment.

This area is becoming popular for expats and local residents because it feels more like country living, but still close to both Boquete and downtown David. The affordability and diversity of housing options in the Los Algarrobos/Dolega area makes it a prime choice for a home purchase or rental for those on a budget, or those seeking a quieter life just outside of David.

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