So Easy, a 12-Year-Old Can Do It!

When I talk about earning money online, most people want to know the answers to three simple questions:

1. Can anyone do it?

2. Can I make money part-time?

3. Do I need a lot of cash to get started?

You’re probably wondering if you can do it from other countries, as well.

Allow me to answer these questions for you…

To claim anyone could be successful earning online without any business or technical experience is a stretch.

But my youngest son is 12 years old and he did it. He imported gaming computer cases and sold them to a small retail computer business.

You need to understand the basic concept of buying low and selling high. And you need to be able to separate yourself from what you might “want” to buy and what’s really selling.

Power banks for phones, for example are a hot item right now. These are small battery chargers you can carry in your pocket or purse that give your cell phone or iPad an instant charge on the go without needing a power cord or wall outlet.

They currently sell for about $12 online but I know where you can get them for $6. If you can do this basic math and calculate your profit after shipping, you have what it takes.

Some entrepreneurs even tell me they run their business from their phone.

I was skeptical until one of them showed me how it’s done. She browsed, ordered, and later posted the product for sale from her smart phone.

Very cool.

Granted, running your business from a laptop is probably more practical. But if you have access to a Wi-Fi or cell signal, you can do it through your smartphone.

In terms of time, I know people working fewer than 10 hours a week who make money in this business. If you manage your time wisely, and focus on high demand products you can be successful too.

And cash shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve made it my life mission to start businesses on a shoestring and this is one that’s easy to get into with between $50 and $500.

You may have heard about these web portals that connect entrepreneurs with suppliers in other countries to avoid the costs of a middleman. These are typically large companies in China that help entrepreneurs make transactions in more than 110 different countries.

The transactions on these sites range from a few hundred dollars to tens of millions. They don’t take percentages. They’re simply there to connect buyers with sellers and you use these portals from anywhere in the world you care to live.

That said, it is best to set this business up before you leave the U.S. You’ll want to get your business started and start earning a profit before you yourself move overseas. After set-up though, you can run it from your smartphone. Anywhere in the world.

I have developed a comprehensive program to teach people about this incredible opportunity and market, and I coach them to success.

I’ll walk you through your first deal with a modest investment of just $50.

I’ll also show you several “insider” websites that assist small entrepreneurs.

If you start small and build big, I think you’ll be happy with the results.

I’m not one for starting businesses that take years to break even. I like fast profits or I move on. This market opportunity is a good fit for people like me…and maybe you.

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