Something Brand New in Our # 1 Retirement Haven

What if you could improve your lifestyle by about 200%…and do it for half what you spend today…why wouldn’t you?

You could do it in a place where you never had to shovel snow again…where the weather is always perfect, about 77 degrees during the day and 50 degrees at night—all year round.

A place where, in a single day’s drive, you can go from a sophisticated city with true cultural appeal…to a tranquil, pine-studded mountain hideaway…or to a pristine beach where the only footprints are your own…

In this place, you could easily afford to have a housekeeper tidy up and even cook…and a gardener to take care of all the weeding.

And you’d be comfortable knowing your nest egg would go the distance…so you could relax and enjoy life…eat out at great restaurants all the time…travel as often as you like…hike…go to the theater…surf…

It’s possible… in Ecuador. And lots of your fellow readers are living proof.

If you like the idea of living life as it’s meant to be lived…fresh air…deliciously healthy food…the warmest, kindest, most generous people….and no lifestyle sacrifices…then this little nation deserves your attention…

And to help you focus it there more effectively, we’ve just created something new.

It’s a unique way for you to explore Ecuador to the fullest… figure out if it’s right for you… and find the community that might suit you best.

So you can get from where you are now to your ideal haven quickly, easily, and seamlessly.

This isn’t a newsletter. It’s not a magazine or a book. It’s something else entirely—the virtual equivalent of spending a couple months in our Ecuador editors’ homes, soaking up every last bit of intelligence from the insiders who know the benefits, the tricks, the pitfalls, and the real-world solutions that really work.

You can ask questions…get answers…and I guarantee it will help you decide if Ecuador is right for you.

Check it out here…we’re opening the doors this week with a very special one-time offer we’ll never make again.

P.S. This is an easy way to get “hooked up” with the experts, with your fellow readers who share an interest in Ecuador, and with a friendly community of expats we know already living in Ecuador who can share with you their insights and advice.

It essentially puts you on the “inside” so you have people to turn to and you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

Details—and the best deal we’ll ever offer this week only—are right here.


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